Sunday, December 14, 2008


what hair shld i cut.
dont worry im nt going to perm it

as for dyeing ,
wait till my results come out den
DECIDE. hahahaha :D

shld i cut short?
shoulder length?
or jus maintain the same old way?
pls put ur comments in the tag box..

i wan to cut it because uh..
the haircut now,
makes my hair looks a bit less uh.
den longer means heavier,
so many shorter den more hair :D

erm, i went to do a poll thingy so
u can jus do it here,
but if u wan u can still comment it :D

How should i cut my hair?
shortt. ( smth lyk bob i tink(back short front long))
shoulder length.
a BIT more shoulder length :D
remain the samee (remember, i look lyk i dont haf much hair T_T ) free polls

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