Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I regretted.

don't be mistaken.

i regretted that i eaten TOOOO
much for lunch. -.-
HAHA, okay it isn't funny.

dance from 6-10? sounds good.
BUT. i wanna watch my SHOW!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


): damn, no internet at home
until tomorrow ))))):

i've got damn loads of project to do
(because i've forgotten it. LOLS)
so i'll be dead meat for this week
i guess. (:

btw thanks people for the encouraging
comments! its a lot appreciated! ^^V

and nadine dear, no worries (:
when im free i'll come up with part 2! ^^V

anyways, lee hyori is HOT.

she's 30+, and still LOOKS YOUNG.
even though it might be the cause of surgery,
she's good (:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

SHINee's fanfic for iluvkey_nadz!

annyong! merry christmas! (:
here's your present in my little blogg (:

How should i start it?
HMm... here it goes!

when key was young, both of his parents are working.
Hence, he was sent to a day care center.
As he was in primary 2, he was asked to mixed with
the primary 2 students, whom are onew, taemin, jonghyun,
minho, nadine, mireen and tae yeon.

He spent his time happily together with them,
singing, dancing and doing work together..
He felt whole, as he was the only child in his family.
Even if there was time when they quarrelled,
they still love each other as a family..

As the days goes on, key started to feel something for nadine..
He doesn't know why he like to disturb her sooo much..
He treats it as a pleasure, having her disturbing him back too.

As taemin was good friends with key, he actually asked him,
"ommo, do you actually like nadine? it seemed to look like it,
seeing you disturbing her so much."

Onew heard and ran to both of them and said " jin cha? (really?)
aigooo, you 2 make a good matchhh! hohoho."
thinking.. *now my rival is gone. MUAHAHAHHAAS*

*BAM* he fell down.

Key sighed, pulled him up and said,
"aishhh! it isn't the first time already!
ONEW SANGTAE KA? (is it onew condition?)"

key replied, "nae, mo-la-neun-dae.. (i, don't know...)
maybe? but it couldn't be!"

Onew said, "Don't lie to yourself anymore!
even though we are still young, we still have
feelings! go for it! aja aja fighting!"
Taemin exclaimed, "But, if i am not wrong,
Minho likes her too. Look at his eyes when he
sees her! Key, don't regret if you lose this opportunity!"
Key replied," I'll see how.. I heard that my family
are gonig to migrate soon. I don't want to break her heart.."

Want to read more? wait for next fanfic, part 2!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

im just gonna be offensive for once.

There are always bound to have some
people who have nothing to do at home
to go around blog-hopping in order to
grab some attention.

It only shows how immature some people are,
or how ugly they are in their hearts.

However, thanks to them, i woke up somehow.
i realised the way i blog is kind of immature too.
so i am going to blog in proper english from
today, 22dec2009 4.19p.m. onwards.

I really don't want to waste time answering their
doubts to protect myself from their comments, but
oh wells, i am going to do it.

To be frank, no one can really say they don't get affected
by those harsh comments that the people say.
There will be times when i doubt myself if i can do it too.
I am not someone who is unrealistic or else,
i would be asking myself to fly instead.

SO, i am going to reply to this 2 person, mr anon and passer.
For whoever you are, perhaps you will hate me,
feel like slapping me, realise you are such an immature kid,
realise that there's still such a word as dream or whatsoever,
i am not going to care.
If i do, i am just simply falling into your trap, and being an
national idol will definitely suffer from this kind of things
some day anyway.

you asked me to stop dreaming right? Haven't you heard
of 美梦成真? maybe you are not chinese educated but oh wells.
it means beautiful dreams can come true.
and you said that people reading my blog will laugh out loud right.
by all means, laugh~ if i could bring laughters to my readers,
why not? having happiness in the world is the best thing to have.
and how do you know that they will laugh,
are you some god?

korea and taiwan not possible for me huh, so its possible for you?
impossible= i m possible.
please, if you think i can't, by all means you can keep your comments
to yourself. If you think i can't and want to stop me. You simply can't.
I am doing what i want to allow me not to regret in future.
Life is just once, why waste it.

I didn't say that i can become idol just because i can sing and dance.
Do you think that i don't have the brain to think of that?
Its about if you can do it well, if you think you can do better,
go ahead and try it out yourself. Why come here and tell me
i can't? Is it because you are guilty that you can't so you head
off around telling everyone that you can't OH you can't.
There are other idols around too, so what do you think they are?

Anyway. I DID see snow, i'll blog it up soon. thanks for your comments.
and i hope you don't feel offended too. Even if you are, it is none of
my business since you are the first person who goes around
shooting off inappropriate remarks about people's dream.
If i were your mother, i would feel embarassed.

It isn't the first time you came my blog isn't it.
Aren't you feeling bored of it? Or perhaps you actually loved it so
much that you are reading it everyday? -.-
No one comes with the perfect talent for anything.
SO you mean you can actually have it once you're born?
Oh wells, go ahead and be a perfect person and be the USA president
or whatever you want to be.

For your information pitching can be trained.
DO you mean that babies can't learn? So why are you talking
in english? Using a computer? Don't be a retard.

Anything can be learnt. Be it language, posture or
whatever it is. and please don't call me darling.
it just makes me feel like puking.

Wake up too, haven't you heard that Lee Kuan Yew said
that learning is a lifelong journey? Don't be an idiot
go around trashing people's dream. Why not
support them and give them advices? You are just making
people to hate you. Perhaps you're stupid enough to do it then.

-MY own opinions.
perhaps people ask me why do i want to be singer?
is it even possible?
can you make it?
oh come on, it is so difficult, just give it up.

If you're asking me to give it up, i can say you aren't
my friend. A normal friend would ask you to keep it up,
strive for your best. GO do it! Rock the stage!

It is my ambition and dream to be a singer and dancer.
It is up to me to think about my own dream. Not yours.
I am here, trying my best. If i can't make it in the end,
by all means, i won't regret. At least i did my best.
If god bless me, i succeed, i would definitely go with my promise
that i made with them.

If you are wondering what is the promise, you will never
know. (: It is my secret.

AND READERS, i am back in SIN!
wait for my korea trip posting! (:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

annyongg! - not hi, but bye guys!

helloo peoplee!
i guess i wont be here until next tuesday
because i'll be going to korea on
ONEW's birthday! which is on next mondayy~

cant wait to goo mans! :D :D
must be damnnn cold~
damn damn bloody cold.
but oh wells. it will be my first time to see snow!
gosh~ HAHAS :D

enjoy ur sch holidays! ^^V
mireen will be back refreshed!

Friday, December 11, 2009


after watching big bang's documentary.
im kind of nervous now.
thinking if im too late to join korean's artiste company =/

its like none of them started training in 18..
): but i trained in singapore first what!
oh wells. now im only working hard towards
so if korea cannot, i'll make it to taiwan at least
den i can venture to korea (:
i must aja aja fighting!
i'll not lose any seconds to improveee when i can!

*tremendous training coming ahead in front. (:
just do it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


had my yanshou yesterdayy...
wasn't really happy abt it
because i made some mistakes
and once again..
i seriously gotta work on that mans!
aja aja fighting! xD

next target on fighting- PITCHING!

anyway i got my iphone today!
thanks to my dear dad :D
oh and one of the teacher actually
said that i can electrify guys.
*smirks. LOL

anyways. i need to buck up.
excited for korea.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

in an hours or 2 hours time..
i'll be having my yanshouu.

watching shinee's performance,
big bang's and hyori's to push me up.

im excited/.
i dont want to get excited now -.-
i don't know when have i started
to love the tiredness after finishing a song during
yanshou. (:

i'll do my best.
and show to my mum (:
i did it!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

introducing my new discoveryyyy! :D

daesung cha gia is sooo cute.
even though he's ugly that's why
he's cute = ugly but adorable. LOL.
NO he's not ugly. HAHAS.
but TOP and G dragon and taeyang is damnn
damnn damnnnn COOL.


while i was back on some bus...
i think 103 -.-
i saw a blooddy white spider.
colour that are more noticable is more scary
righttt?! gosh. scare the hell out of me. LOL

and here's my new haircut once again!
im so gonna fight for yanshou! aja aja fighting!

having exams tomo T___T
and yanshou 2 hrs after exam.
and.. korea next mondayyy!
dinner on sundayy :D

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


im kind of agitated now?
stressed? nope.
flaring up? yes.
irritated? maybe.

ugh. i hate this.
perhaps the hormones in my body is mixing
my emotions up now. damn it.
ate too much chocolate.
but the coco exotic is really nice! >.<
perhaps i ate too much..
which cause this bloody effect.

anyways! im having psycho test tomo,
BCS on friday.
chiong beh? yes.
and i wont be studying BCS most likely.
cos tomo will be dance and vocal training at night.
may god bless me >.<

they'll be my guardian angels! (:

i'll shine & be charasmatic like KEY oppa!

why? mo-la-soh~
be happy! think of onew oppa (:

Family Outing . HILARIOUS

people, u shld really watch this.
i laughed till my stomach ACHE.

btw, i did studied. but i also need a rest right! (:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"I believe that with hard work, there will be fruits of labor to be reaped." - Onew "Knowing nothing is medicine." - Onew annyong!
hahas onew's wisdom words.
kind of trueee :D nope, its very true.
i wanna come up with a fanfic for onew soon ^^
after my exams.

talking abt my exams ..
i have loads of them coming up -.-
i hate it -.-
okok. so it means that i'll blog lesser huh.
*maybe only.
anywayyyy imma tired. *PUFFS
off to slp!

btw, i said im going to cut my hair right!
here are e pics :D:D:D

comments! xD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"I might not know where you are or what you are doing right now, but if you hear my voice will you come to me?"

- Onew

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"To choose our own way is not an easy thing to do, but everybody has their own choice."
- Key

"My ideal girl must cute, smart, good skin, gentle, close to my age. ^^"
- Taemin
(it will be me. LOL)

"I followed what the dog did, but then I realized that I'm a human."
- Onew

"Fan: "I'm right behind you.........."Onew: "Behind me is the wall.""
- Onew

"I haven’t been chosen yet because I didn’t want to get picked."
- Onew

"When you laugh, you receive luck."
- Onew

"Whether you do well on stage or not, it’s the whole experience that counts."
- Key

"When the situation is awkward, say 'LAA'!"
- Onew

hahas these are the medicine or ecstasy
that makes me work harddd.
their confidence, their team work, onew's humour.
hahha brightens my day!
:D working hard. AJA AJA HWAITING.
im going korea on onew's birthday! OMGGGG.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

mireen is back. STRONG.

i look damn zhuai right.
this is call COOL.

anyway. working hard for dance.
ROAR. sharpen it sharpen it~
i realise sometimes my facial emotions..
LOL. u go see my fb de dance photos u'll
understand what i mean mans. -.- ugh.

ANYWAY. my hubby is sweet.
really sweet. HAHA dont tell u guys.
its secret :X

so now, i gotta spend money once again -.-
ON winterclothes- shld i? -.-
ON HAIR. (im cutting my hair next monday- key's fringe)
ON MANICURE -shld i do it myself? -.-

cutting down expenses on
FOOD (im dieting what).

see my fatty arms.
and im going to show u skinny arms in 2 weeks time.
NOW. from today onwards.
NO MEAL AFTER 8. not even snack!
*i wanna be a singer,
and i will BE ONE.


now that apec is over...
hmm i've got more free times. LOL.
shall show u what i had there for lunch and
hw does the information desk looks like.

*p.s. i lazy wear contacts, thats why i was
wearing specs. for the first day.

they actually have salad bar~ *GOSH

looks nice right!

staff canteen. nice right?!

the day before officially start of apec.
had briefing there~

information desk with james~
partner for the 1st day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

im in tutorial now. *smirks

HAHA, im actually using lappy in my class. ;x
anyway woohoo, my reader rate
finally reach 10,000.

yippee :D

okay. hectic schedule todayyy~
after sch end at 6,
going ob self training for dance,
then lesson with chun.

i swear i'll diet in order to allow me to go
korea to MUM MUM~

and damn it, i wonder if there's season 2 for
you're beautiful...
-.- left with 4 episode.
and there;s still loads of parts and pieces they haven
state properly and also.
i wantt to see the real GO MI NAM.
its like she acted it quite cool~ so yeah.
i want to act in some drama like that too.

working hard for pitchinggg ~

Monday, November 23, 2009

the day we'll see less of each other.

hey people,
im currently at tunglok classic
at orchard parade hotel's office nowww.

and i admit, kind of seh now.
-.- because i drank a bit of johnny walker.
lol O.o ah,
my boss's last day of work (:
-.- ok. im seh, but nt drunk.
just feeling sleepy
perhaps its because of my level of tiredness
as well -.- try working from sat 6-1, and then sunday
11-1... i daresay. you'll definitely be tired.

and i only slpt for bloody 4 hrs. ROAR.

furthermore, i was called out of banquet hall because
of the reserve table not being used.
OH. let me say smth.

saw his wedding today! :D
LOLS. i saw.. huan jie laoshi, yaden, gary laoshi,
wencong laoshi, peichang laoshi, huan liang laoshi and
michael laoshi and jian feng laoshi and the recording studio
laoshi, forgive me im kind of seh now. LOLS.

oh wells, really glad to at least see him get married. HAHA.
anyway, was called to the kitchen to do some stuff.
and one of them include the bloody chopstick.
u've got to put them into some cover.
which IS bloody boring.
furthermore no one is helping me.
and kind of frustated over something.

alrights, i gotta go to help someone

Saturday, November 21, 2009

someone who is impt to me....

): someone is simply trying
to not allow me to sleep by telling
me something she shldn't have said -.-


oh well, it allows me to do my work. -.-
maybe i'll cancel my work tomo. oh wells.
see how.

may god bless him ):

Friday, November 20, 2009

onew oppa, hope you recovered!

"[Host] Is there anyone who would like to compliment Onew?
[Members] . . .
[Onew] If there isn't anyone, I'll compliment myself. I'm doing well as a leader."


"[Question] The dish that your most confident in...
[Onew] Scambled Egg
[Jonghyun] Oh. I never heard of that."


"Onew always walks coolly in front of many people but in the end he trips."


hahas. he's so bubbly kwiyo!(cute)
and i agree that people should compliment themselves
to allow them to look forward
and work harder like ME. :D
and i think onew is kind of like me. LOL.
will always hmm, kind of clumsy >.<
i got onew sangtae!(condition)

oh, and btw i watched some of the ep 13.
hohoho, im damn pleased with shinwoo now.
shinwoo oppa aja aja hwaiting!
and as what i have guessed, it is damn right.
the reporter found out with the bloody photo.
HAHAHAHA mireen can be private investigator.

you're beautiful

(my last yanshou look)

Hey guys! You're beautifullll! xD
you're handsomee tooo~

episode 13 is out, im thristy to watch it
bloody public speaking draft is dragging me
silently away from it ):

ken-cha-nah-yo~ aja-aja-hwaiting!
you can do it mireen~!

back from vocal lesson, determined
to improve it like FREAKING FAST.
UGH. god please help me will yah?
i know you're kind. please do~

when the rain falls,
you know the sun will always come out after it.
moon reflects sun light. okay okay.
NOT INCLUSIVE OF 1st and 30th!)

god, im suffocating, everything is like sucking me apart.

can just split me into 7 mireen and do it?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

this post is solely for shinwoo oppa!

watch it.

if you're watching the show, i guess
you'll cry like i do.
erm but, im quite emotional lah,
so yeah. ):

mireen is back on her report now.
got nothing to do -.-
because i finished the show. DAMN.
waiting for the next episode :D:D

ah shinwoo chagia!
chom saranghae! :D:D
): he shld be with go min nyu! ROAR.
okay la, actually taekyung also not bad.

anywayyy. working hard for yanshou now.
since its the eliminating round.
perhaps its a wake up call for me ):

im gonna try to ELECTRIFY THE JUDGES.
but can i?
i think i'll laugh. LOLOLOLOLS

wondering if when i really become a singer what
i will do to help the needys. lols.
weird huh.
im gonna donate money BUT.
if i wanna debut in korea,
donate where -.-
donate singapore or korea.
or maybe both? but what if people
think that im just acting to be kind so i can
be on the headline -.-
so irritating right?!
AH, i'll just do what i think is right to do (:

just sharing with u a mv of you're beautiful :D
its a really nice show. :D

i wanna venture in korea :D:D:D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

cho num mireen imida.

im kind of busy with apec work
recently. with tunglok group and
also marriott hotel sitting there
as information counter -.-
i can tell u its damn boring.


anyway currently im watching this drama,


hahahas so jealous of them.
but watching this show, it motivates me to
strive harder to become a singer as well.
nothing is impossible (:
just believe in yourself!

i'll show my bosses WHAT THEY WANT.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jonghyun's back from h1n1!

seriously, you can see how weak he is.
he cracked in a few parts. and clearly,
he's not feeling well as in not that confident
dont smile that much ):
you can also see how hard he's trying to do his best.
being one of his admirer, i pei fu him. like seriously.
as a singer, you shouldn't let your fans down.

stupid artiste company caused him to be in this
situation lorrrr! dont let him rest!
hope onew rest enough and recover like NOW.
i AM ANGRYYY. rawr.

AND omg, you're beautiful is a damn nice show.

Friday, November 06, 2009

HAEUNDAE, the deadly tsunami....

i can say its a very touching storyy..
but kind of moved too fast, as in the story line..
haha. because im too absorbed in it! rate it 8/10!
and i can say im one of the few
who's the last one to watch it~!
and i watch with my new boyfriendddddddd.
mr felix a.k.a mr pig i bet when he see this
he'll be laughinggg
no la okay, smiling. shuang right.

alrights i shall post the synopsis here.
A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast,
Haeundae draws one million visitors to its beaches
every year. One day, a geologist who is an expert
on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea showing
signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at
the time of the 2004 Tsunami. Despite his warnings,
the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is
in no harm of being hit but on a hot summer day, a
super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae
at 500 miles per hour.


this movie taught me a lot of stuffs

1. people don't like to face troubles,
they rather avoid it. like what the Disaster
Prevention Agency does.
its like the moral teachings :
if u can, avoid the problem.
BUT it doesn't goes with ALL problems.
for example, the tsunami.
because u dont wan to face the problem,
u caused millions of deaths.
i bet he'll be guilty for life.
unless he's a cold-blooded person.
its like global warming also. isn't it?
people are saying singapore will sink,
not sink but flooded and covered by water in 50 years
time. and now, what government is doing?
we do not exactly know. but i do hope that they're doing
their very best to save the world.
haha, im leaving the topic alr, alrights. back to haeundae!
but still, be more conscious in saving the world!

2. treasure ur love ones before they leave you.
you'll never know when's the end of the world.
so dont ever regret doing things that you will.
i will definitely treat my mum better from now on okay.
its a promise and

3. apologise and be guilty-free
perhaps, u did something wrong before.
but no one is always right. its only the weight of the
problem. between killing an ant and a person..
its equally BAD. but people will always think.
human are much more important.
okok. im leaving the real meaning.
its like snatching a paper and a jewellery.
so, its always good to apologise and
receive what u shld get for punishment.
it always give a greater sense of security towards urself.
because, u know u did wrong and u're trying to change.

4. forgive and forget.
perhaps. ur fren is in a bad mood today.
and she scolded u.
but have u thought before that she might be gone
tomorrow? *CHOI TOUCH WOOD AH*
perhaps she knows she's wrong.
she's just embarassed to let u know.
or even, she apologised to u and u refused
to accept. are u going to wait till shes gone and then u'll accept?
perhaps she's in a moment of folly when she
did that to u. so just be kind hearted and thoughtful
to forgive. just think.
what if one day u're the one who did the same thing as her

5. find out the truth before u fall into it.
there's one girl character who haf a friend who's a bastard.
i guess he like her la, if nt he wouldn't try to snatch her
and say he's her future husband? but, nah, perhaps not
he might be just finding trouble for her.
poor lifeguard. they are the ones in love.
i mean lifeguard and the girl huh.
but its kind of weird la -.-
because. they got tgt in a weird way.
and in the end the lifeguard died ):
just to save her and the bastard.

oh wells, u bet i cried damn loads.
now thinking of it,
i still feel like crying.

i'll update soon abt TPDE stuffs and of course.
confession :D:D:D
and perhaps my hubby :D

and poor onew is sick ):

and jonghyun just recovered.
may god bless onew recover NOW.
yes NOW.

-.- i bet i need to take injection alr.
dad nagg every day =/
but i really hate it -.-
somemore i also need to take injection for next year
ssm module.
UGH. painful neh. !
becoming batman.....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

tiring day

had a long day today.
was damn sleepy.
look at mireen's strong will power.


however -.- when i went back to slp.
.... -.-
i woke up with a bad headache.
which is like DAMN.

why huh,
must be due to the energy used to force on
getting pissed off yesterday.
and i take back my words. haha.
im fine now.
had an uneasy sleep too -.-
damn. like pissed off sleep. LOL

i'll think what to do.
and i'll tell u my answer.

the composing time...

Monday, November 02, 2009

ROAR. im agitated.

i dont understand why
but im currently on a bad mood.
pms? definitely not. lols.

yeap. perhaps its because i dont wanna
sink in, or perhaps i should state it in this way
i dont know if i should believe someone
once again, kind of enlightened.
but doesnt mean one bad egg equal all bad egg right?

im confused. ):

also, the bloody cgh (i didnt write their whole name,
so they cant sue me!)
i called them to ask what's gonna happen to my finger
now because the doctor told me it would
recover in couple of days.
and now, its like a week plus and i cant totally bend
my finger YET.
and in fact, it still hurts, just not that painful.
and guess what, the nurse or doctor ask me
to go down again. and i asked if i need to pay
AND SHE SAID YES. like wth?
u told me it would recover in couple of days.
and now because of ur error i haf to pay?
wth is this. if its my personal injury okay la,
i pay! but its nt caused by me, but by someone else!

ROAR i feel maligned. damn.
okay, im pissed off now.
okay, okay.
im not going to be in a relationship without a formal
confession. DAMN.
whoever wants to go after me.
i admit im kind of mad now
(due to the hormones going inside my brain)

AHHHHHHHHHH. relax woman.

just to share with u guys.
LOUVRE in paris, france.
damn nice right.
its an art museum.
source :

and my keyyy, who will open all doors for me. YES.

feel like cutting same fringe as him, looks cooool!
okay, feel better after ranting.

coming up with how girls can mesmerise a guy
or maybe confession part 3 ! HAHA.

Friday, October 30, 2009

i came sch 1 hr EARLY.

okay, this is the result of being too
stressed up all because of some teacher. -.-
what a bitch,
im only late for like 1minute...

and she said she wanted to kick my group out
BECAUSE im the leader.. -.- wth?
she didnt because she dont bare to because
2 of my other member came early.. -.-?!
and if im late the next time, she'll what?
kick my whole group out. like... wth.

so -.- i came sch today earlier by 1 hr. because i
didnt check my schedule -.- it was 10 but i arrived
at 9?! LOL. okay, i suddenly think of shinee's song..

dont be silly girl..
you're my miracle.
OMG. damn hao ting!
and also, i like the beat in ring ding dong.
haha. okay im a shinee fanatic. xD

this few days loads of stuff happened..
performance on tuesdayy..
yesterday was yanshou..
tiring. finally *PHEW.

will post up the videos soon,
really soon i promise!
i feel tired mans, i can actually slp 1 more hr.
im going to slp for 10 mins. :D
meanwhile, share with u..


Monday, October 26, 2009

wounds everywhere. ): happy and tiring dayy.

yooohh ppl, ugh my readers rate is dropping again.
can you do me a favour just by visiting my blog
like everyday >.< pretty please.lols

anyway. damn it, sprained my finger during
modern class on wednesday.
and it turn out to be swollen
worse still. it cost my 75 bucks. WHY

firstly on thurs i went to tampines polyclinic for ccheckup..
in e end -.- they ask me go a&e because
their x ray system is closed. damn~
den they told me its gonnna be damn ex.
-.- worse still right. zzz
anyway.. no fracture. no breakbone.
only gotten some painkiller. -.- which is like
PANADOL. damn.
den i cant bend my index finger right hand now. SHIAT.

swollen has decreased tremendously YAY good news.
but tuesday im having my performance! DAMN

and yesterday was a tiring day for me as well.
having injured and working at the same time.
today also.. but the painfulness DID go away slightly.
all the best to me on tuesday performance
and thursday yan shou baaaaa.

good ngihts ppl! SMILEE :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

god, shivers up my spine.

no lost to watch it mans,
u'll get loads of feelings.


just realised smth abt shinee's new video.

not definitely but maybe..
i noticed that they're kind of emphasising on
key and jonghyun for this album?
am i wrong.
but perhaps its because of the style
that's why. because clearly,
key and jonghyun is much more better for
this kind of bad boy style.
whereas minho, onew and taemin
is more for the good boy style. HAHAS.
so i predict tat

next song is gonna be good boy style.

prove me wrongg :D

and god, why are they doing global auditio at usa and canada -.-
i wanna go but its like uber far for me. hongkong still can lor -.-
mans. RAWRS.



the ferry i took :D

ferry terminal!

mireen was lazy to make up. so yeah

if im nt wrong this is
the place where they
keep the chickens, cos i can hear
they crowing.. lol

this nasi lemak was damn nice.
u shld try it! ROARS. (hotel's breakfast)

hotel swimming pool (:

the market..

the88 mall.

wet market.

-.- super unhygiene. lols.

anyway, sorry for this uber late post,
furthermore all the photos are jumbled up.
for more photos, please go to my facebook to see. :D
and mireen is so gonna skip public speaking lecture tomo.
just came back from dance, done with the song, YAY.
left with marcus and ta hai shi bu dong and
aja aja hwaiting!