Saturday, January 31, 2009

somehow i am going to change the way
i am going to blog.

by using perfect english . HAHA.
not really "perfect" but just
that there'll be no more short
form? because it may look longer or something.

YES. anywayy.. fell sick few days ago.
really sick, which is bloody irritating.
worst still i cut myself on thurs,
not that i purposely, ITS accidentally..
during work . kind of stupid......

deep red cut right, guess cut by what?
BLUNT STUFF. -.- well if u really want
to know cut by what u can ask me....
and be stunned.

anywayy.. friday ( 3o/1)
went for teenage photoshoot...
and i didnt get any bloody income
from it . !@#$%^&*(
well at least i get to get some photo for
if they aren't getting any nice ones,
im so gonna complain -.-
when the nice ones come out i'll
post it alrights ! :D

kind of jap look but =.="

and today i went for anqi's
performance at 1130 -.-
what the hell la, so friggin
early?! well =.= and i lost
anyway. I LIKE AN QI'S CAP.
her mom did it for her LOR.

and see some of the PIGS
sleeping (:

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