Wednesday, February 18, 2009

im having a splitting
shi te !

well. got to go with it =.=
anyway. yesterday pei milo
find jobbb @ plaza singapuraaa.
and i saw HIM. LOL.
before meeting him right i walk
pass his shop, and he said something to me
like. " you gonna be late"
i was kind of surprised . hohoho.
and he smiled at mee! hahahah.

anyway. my bro said that he
talking to a bunker (pc bunker)
so he MIGHT be a bunker as well.
actually he said he is but i forced
myself to accept its MIGHT. lol .

den todayyy. while thinking at it.
shit ! he's like not going to be mine alr.
lol y?
i told my manager abt
my boyfriend qualities ;
1.not gangster
2.dont smoke.
3.less beer. chest hair ( LOL)
5.stomach one also . (LOL) moustacheee
and he said that its normal.
i mean huh o.o LOL.
i tink mayb for other gals 4, 5 &6 okay?
haha im nt suree.
and even though im nt confirm abt the guyy.
i alr told myself
nt to put much hopes in it i guess. yes
somehow im depressed today.
lol . cos he went off ard at 2plus.
wondered where he wenttt..
im a typical drama princess eh? lol

somehow i feel like crying
nt because of him la.
i jus feel helpless? lonely mayb.
im nt sure.
insecureee. no one to rely on.
i mean bf are to let me rely on. LOL
as for frens . u dont meet them much do yah.
unless u commit ALOT.
yes. and i dont haf much time
to commit. what can i do? lol .
well i've got to be strongerr.

i've found another motivation from
what i haf mentioned earlierr ;D
SHINee <3
they're really talented and
they dance and sing well.
they are handsomee tooo! xD
yes. im going to work towards
them! i've never felt this motivation
before eh ~ and when i see their dance,
kind of wide variety. and new
dance steps comes into my mind.
rock it on!
TAEMIN<3(he dance really well)

this is freaking me out!

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