Wednesday, February 18, 2009

are you ugly cute or hot?
Your Result: Drop dead goegerous

your drop dead gorgeous sing this song with me "im hot (hot,hot,hot) i melt down the ice ice ice OOH YEAH I MELT THE ICE THAT I HAVE HAVE HAVE IM HOT WATER TURNS INTO AIR WHEN I WALK BY IT YEAH IM so hot (hot,hot)" sing it one day to yourself

Smokin hot
Beauty goddess
are you ugly cute or hot?
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What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Losing Someone

You love affection and the people in your life more than anything. Your greatest fear is that one day someone you care about won't be there anymore. You are a very friendly and inviting person, who draws in a lot of friendships with your kind, considerate, and loyal nature. However, deep down you are slightly insecure and unsure of yourself. You couldn't deal with it if you didn't have one of your loved ones in your life anymore. You don't have too much to worry about though, because with a friend like you, no one will want to lose you either!

Being Alone
Looked down on
Where Your life is Going
What is your True Fear?
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What Type Of Guy's Do You Attract?
Your Result: Strong and Pretective

He Loves You so much that he would take a bullet for you. He wont let anyone ever hurt you. He will always be at your side.
When He tuches you it will be like fire. He cant get enough. He will have the fearsest hands, but the lightest tuch.

Loving and Emo
Silly But Nice
Funny and playfull
What Type Of Guy's Do You Attract?
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so the guy haven appear yet uh.

How goodlooking of a girl are you?
Your Result: Beauty Goddess

You are no doubt the most beautiful girl that ever walked the face of this planet.
Everything about your appearance is flawless and you make men and women feel the need to worship you.

Pretty Girl
Not a beauty queen....
Room for improvement
How goodlooking of a girl are you?
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THANKS EH. LOL . beauty goddess ;x

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