Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hellooooo ~
i went for a promoter job @
jurong point last week and i got
to know quite a few number of
people there. hahaha.
they're really nice !
and i only sold 2 printers.
worse still, not by me . LOL
thanks a lot to them ;D

and on sunday ~
i went to family dinner
with my relatives and cousins
for my grandma's birthdayy.
i dont really know what to get her,
can someone please suggest to me?
thks ah ! :D

after lunch i went to my aunt hse
to play mahjong(LOL)
and yeah? i WON
finally? YES.
LOL. i lost to my mum and grandma
few days ago. like around 20 bucks
you know?!
anyway i only won 4.50.
but still I WIN RIGHT. LOL
after that we went to east coastt.

>this scenery de effect nt bad leh ~
due to the tree. LOL

hiahia, the *day scenery looks
more nicer right?

i am going to open my blogshop
soon. i mean like . FINALLY!
LOL. please supportttt ! xD
and im finding people to
be share holders (LOL)
yeah? thanks ! i mean like
to open with me la. yeaps!

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