Tuesday, April 21, 2009

alrights up here to remind myself what i did again :D

slept at 730-1130
im like so wonderful, slept only for 4 hrs.
i count myself as strong HIAHIAHIA.
but i was pretty tired =.=
i accompanied betty to orchard, then i
went for my vocal lesson with HuanJie laoshi :D

after tat, went to fish and co with my
dear vs 2 class ppl ;D

again. woke up at 730 .
had to go ob for lesson. it was quite
interested actually ;D yeap !
and after lesson .. we went to mac .. yeap !
den i went home to do some stuff and
yeap off to regina hse. ;D

and after that i lied to her that i haf to go
somewhere to meet my friend . PS AH,
milo i used ur name LOL! yeap . and
stupid cr actually lied to me -.- even though
i dont really believe him still, we went to get
the tiramisu cake ;D which i ate from young :D
wooohoooo. den went back.. and uncle kelvin camee..
den aiya alot ppl . im lazy to list out.
my gf came too yeapp .

den mahjong again . LOL .
4 kas - me, cr , louis , alex.
and bloody cr won. RAWR . LOL .
i lost 3 bucks plus ;D
poor louis , lost 10 bucks .
den we went back . hohohohoho.
i bet regina was uber touched.

monday- YAY NO SCHOOL.
as i have no tutorial lessons except for
commskill for the first week.
yeap. and i played mahjong with my grandma
and mum . damn lor . LOL .
lost 10 bucks in ten mins time.
anyway. after that i went to ob. yeap.

tuesday- which is today ,
went sch early to eat lunch with h10 and
celebrated felicia's birthday .
after tat went for tutorial .
-.- which was bloody hell BORING.
hw m i going to tahan........
ugh. anyway i slept at the bus la,
luckily didnt missed the stop . ROFLOL.

UGH. tired.
headaches. i guess im getting sick soon.
like cr . HAHAHAHA :D

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