Monday, April 06, 2009

jus read thru my last year post.

indeed, i learned new stuffs.
made myself more gentle. (:
nt that hyper active beh.
yes controlllu ~

lets list out things that i wan again HAHA.

i wann my dears to be always with me. xD
i wann him(my future husbad) to always love me..
i wann hugs everyday
i wann happiness everyday
i wann my family to be safe and sound..
i wann to haf tutees! ugh.
i wann my sch to start soonn !
i wann to excel in vs !
i wann to learn L.A hiphop !
i wann to leave the situation that im in now.
i wann to be someone that ppl
always share their troubles with. (sounds wrong LOL)
i wann to have monayy MUAHAHAHA.
i wann my blogshop to be uber famous ;x
i wann to go for a walk someday soonn..
i wann to know what i shld do..
i wann to not let down xueling laoshi's expectation
i wann DANCE SHOES. (uber ex lor / cant find)
i wann TO GO ESCAPE. muahahahhaa !
i wann to SHOUT.
i wann to be gentle.
i dont wann to be a burden..


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