Monday, April 27, 2009


omgomg, i just watched the

ping pang yuan.
i mean he's kind of attracting me. why?

1.HIS passion for table tennis.
trying his very best for it, practicing even
though he may not have the appropriate
equipments. that's what i call preserverance!

2.HIS love for someone.
i can see that he's very loyal person as in in that
character,not real life. (: Some more, he speaks
the truth everytime and its kind of sweet ;D

because of that show, im going to
work very hard for my DANCE!

and.. updates..
a lot of random things popped
up on monday :D

first : i finally shoot in my

second: a random bus uncle was like,
telling off a indian guy from tp, saying he
cannot use the student concession,
because it only deducts 44 cent.
and funny thing is, he was like explaining to me?
LOL. so in some ways, i helped him to
tell the indian guy what he meant. yeapp :D

third: dentist, i HATE YOU.
BLOODY PAIN washing my tooth.
damn i am going to buy listerine and
floss and etc etc ! UGH. never going
to go through THAT process ANYMORE.

TUES- F&B lesson.

oh my god mans, we watched the supersize me.
the man must be damn bloody mad.
stuffing himself with loads of food?!
i mean its bad for his liver, even though he
get money or whatever. so what if you have a lot
of money but you dont get to spend them?

anyway from what it showed, americans are
suing the fastfood resturant like macdonalds.
WHY? its because it causes obesity.
FUNNY? yes.
i mean, its like you have your own choices you know,
you can choose NOT to eat, YET u did.
after eating it, you still want to complain?
isn't it contradicting mans?

wellwell, its okay its just a movie.

and, im really stupid enough not to
bring my medication to school . ugh.
and i specially ate breakfast for it.

anyway. i realised, i need to be more firm
in what i do. yes.
and if you realise, i actually changed my style
of blogging (:

p.s.:im a girl, i need someone to rely on..

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