Friday, April 24, 2009


This week was a hectic week for me.
School , Very Singer , Dance classes ..
Suffocating me , filling up the blanks
in my mind and life. But, yeap i enjoyed.

I am not complaining alrights. Just..
ranting? (: yeap. oh and i got to know
a guy from FSA's dance class. hahaha.
i wont pay money for the video ;x
he's called shawn btw (: yeapppp.
hohoho. anyway, the weird thing is,
i dont feel tired. or maybe im , but
subconsciously? not consciously anyway.
i felt kind of blank or rather giddy
today. well perhaps, its the result of
over-working out?

anyway, some of the lecturers actually
-.- is uber lousy.
BLOODY HELL, lecturer are actually
using singlish in class, can u even
BELEVE IT? omg .
all the "ah" "lah" "die die la", i guess,
u wont believe it. yess.
i actually laughed in the lecture hall.

anyway my ccas will be like damn lots,
which is good so that my attention
will be diverted. :D
CCAS: TP Student Union
TP Dance Ensemble
TP Music Vox
TP Ambassoders. (spelling error, o whatever)
yeap. Totally, all are my types . but not
really the ambassoder one, i just wanted
to play ;x HAHA.

oh wells , update till here.
from now on i guess i'll be blogging more
formal a bit? to improve my english.

-yeap, i am doing it! xD

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