Sunday, April 26, 2009

UGH. unlucky days?
or im simply SOTONG.

seriously. either i am sotong.
or im really unlucky...
i took the wrong side of train on thurs.
when i wanted to go to bukitbatok
for the dance class. damn! lucky its
only one stop -.-" i was shocked.
cos i am not someone who's 路痴。

2nd. i actually lost jason laoshi's
guitar pick on the day he gave me.
UGH. damn stupid me. )):

3rd. when i wanted to cook maggie mee.
i actually placed the egg beside the maggie
mee, then when i took away the maggie mee,
the egg rolled down and. *PIAK.

4th. i alr bought my concession already
and i forgot to bring my card out.
i used the secondary one instead.

5th. on saturday. i actually kicked the
erm air freshner or smth at haidie...
and yeap it poured out . UGH. u can see
the evidence at bottom of the page (:

there're more but i forgotten alr.
anyways. updates of photo.

CR-after attending the body posture's
lesson yet he's sitting inappropriately. lol

SEE. the uncle. wanna take
my picture but too bad, mir's
camera is faster :D
but he's not taking la . LOL! i think :D

the typhoon night .
SEE. the thing (ugh i forgot the name)
some tractor or something .
moved to the block there. omg like
so so so dangerous!

SHANSHAN birthday party celebration
on 17/4 :D
dear. u have same birthdate as her!

i see this scenery everyday.
why? its because this is
the bus stop that i have to change bus.

last friday we went to popeye
i mean my class h10! :D


i was bored till i played a prank
on my friend . LOL. it actually wrote
i am tortoise (idea gave by dawn LOL)


evidence of me, being
unlucky / sotong!

p.s. its over but why?
it seems that.. i dont know.

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