Thursday, April 09, 2009

updates, just to remind myself what i have
actually done to go with the time ;D

was composing songs recently.. so yeap.
another step towards success. but maybe
not there yet...

went for huanjielaoshi's class...
den went to help out for singout.. yeap. :D
after that went to find cr they all for
night movie. watched shinjuku incident.
damn mafia la -.- shyt it.
cut hand. -.- damn bloody..
NO I SHALL RATE IT 3/5 stars!
and not much of jackie chan action,
minus a bit more points. LOL .
yeappp . ;x

went to ter house.. after that went to
shenton way's party world there
for xueling laoshi's ktv session. yepp.
woah they actually haf 蝶恋。
hiahiahia . in between i went to take scholarship,
damn shit. lol. why must i fall on that day.

monday - rot at home. hahaha..........

tuesday- went to chungcheng high to support someone.
who apparently didnt appreciate it ;x
but its okay, i got free ride there anyway. LOL
then went to ob.
for xueling laoshi's lesson..
den after that maxwell...
and after that went to prata house at serangoon..

went to coffee alley with xueling laoshi for the
chattt.. yeap . first time drink kopi o,
which means no sugar added and milk.
damn bitter, but a bit dry sweet. :D
not bad la . HAHA. cos this few days
have the feeling of trying coffee.. yeap.
p.s. normally i dont drink coffee.. yes.
and i learned a lot from her. yes .
even though i knew it before, but i just forgotten
and now, she reminded me again. (:
then we went to do our nails.
will post the pics soon ;D

after that went to ob yeap. for lessons.
woah the recording studio 超酷 de!
and i actually got 70 for my guitar test.
not bad la ;D HAHAHAHA.
well after that went to maxwell with
normal peeps and xueling laoshi's husband.
yeap. after that
crapped with the usual ppl when
we were on train AHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

i'll find it back soon.
it may seem so on the surface..
but you'll never know what
lies within the cover..


over? nt sure.

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