Sunday, April 12, 2009

yeap ,
shall update MYSELF.
for what i did. hiahiahia.

thurs- went to ob for practice :D
then went to er er some taiwan
resturant to eat dinner. and went
back again to say bye to xiaoke laoshi

anyways. will post up pics soon :D

friday- went to chc church..
yeap. my thoughts are...
if jesus christ u are really a fact,
just heal as many ppl as u can..
sounds offensive uh. i mean yah.
=.= no offence. after that went hk cafe
with xueling laoshi and vs5 ppl and of course
some of our maozizu ! :D

sat-OB lesson..
singout o9.. god. shldn't do that much.
yeap. i think i know what im going to do alr.

-im feeling things that i should
not be feeling. contradictory..

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