Sunday, May 03, 2009

ANOTHER hectic week.

lessons as per normal,
boring as usual . woah,
it rhymes. :D

had modern dance audition
for temasek poly dance club..
i can say, there were quite a lot
of people who can dance well
for modern. for examples like
people who learn ballet..
or chinese dance . and im nt even
sure if i can get it . haha
lost of confidence? maybe i am.

went to ob for xueling laoshi's lesson,
and hmm it was cancelled due to
misconception and we went to
我爱麦克风 by 许环梁。
it was fun, i was totally enlightened.
after that went to 7th haven with
reg and guys yeap. and after that
we went for midnight movies - xmen- wolverine.
after that we went prata house at ser. :D

FRIDAY- labour dayyy,
happy labour day for those who worked!
must hard on you peopleeee. ;D
anyways . was supposed to stay at home la.
but mj kakis asked me out.
haha i lost but its okay. :D
enjoyable time with themmm.

went for xl laoshi class today.
chosen my song ^^
and after that went for temasek's
hiphop dance audition.
woah , this is uberly easier.
for me la. (: oh wells.
anyway after that i rushed down
to expo to support sh and the gangs.
*YAY i finally skipped lunch for once
den went to heeren to
support xl laoshi . she's was damn good.
i can assure yoouuu !

anyway after that. went to paragon with
reg to get her cake for her mum.
and YAY i saw xiaofern and zach and sunny !
and after that we went backkk.
was tired lur. ^^

anway.. i just realised all my efforts
had gone to waste. =/
and im sorry mum .. i really am..

will update photos soon. (;
i promise !
-get on , please

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