Sunday, May 17, 2009

just a very random post.
may seem a bit hmm weird?

just had a talk with someone and..
i thought abt it and i feel that
maybe he's putting up a strong front..
in some sense, i shouldnt feel but
yea.. i feel that he needs hug now.
ugh. he's just another fren.

and 学着珍惜现在拥有的,
this is what i felt. when i saw
a grandma on the bus looking at her
grandchildrens leaving the bus.
it reminds me to care and concern
more for my mum and grandma. yeap .

i feel lost nw.. i've got 3 pathways to go.
but which one? damn, i hate stucking at
THIS question.

anyway.. haha i realise that when i look at
young kids that laugh or smile.
i'll have a very sweet and touched feeling.
HAHA. this is one of the things that i do
to get my happiness since i cant get from
the way i wanted to. yeap. :D

yeap ..
im hoping for someone to wait for me HAHA.
randomm* want to have someone to rely on.
yeap. he doesnt have to be always with me.
maybe a day a week or smth will be enough.
yeap. i need a shoulder!

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