Saturday, May 09, 2009


I guess everyone have their own
conception of happiness themselves.

For example, married ones want to
have a happy and simple family
with kids filial and health and stuffs.

what's yours? (:

For me, haha i guess mine is quite simple.
BUT i have a lot of types. HAHA.
happiness does not meant only one thing
but it can actually meant a lot and also,
different types. (:

FOR example again..
are u happy that MAS SELAMAT
finally got caught? and u're feeling
kind of relieved. (: yeap. i guess the police
feels that way. hahahahaa ;x

i shall list the happiness down
1. family safe and sound !
2. having friends that understands
and tolerates me . HAHA.
3.jokes and laughter my friends gave me..
4.finding a guy that i can rely on.. yeap.
(i'll elaborate it on the next post. LOL)
5.having a exciting and enriching life
doing the things that i love !
6.looking at small children that smiles :D
7.taking care of pets. e.g. dog and cat etc ~
8.helping the elderlys.
9.enjoying the nature (w/o bugs of courseee)
10.oh yeap, when i see my mum smiles (:
grandma too. dad alsooo. :D:D


i shall confess, yes i do feel a bit
emotional now and then but.
i dont want to!
i shall believe..


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