Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UPDATES. paiseh, so late uhuh!

apparently, i know u guys will be very
contented with this post. why?
because its full of pictures like seriously.
LOL. so if ppl who doesn't like to see
my photos, u can skip it la. seriously. LOL

anyway, that day..
i sang YES OR NO. like so hawt and high right :D
hmm i guess my pitch was not bad,
huanliang laoshi say one! LOL.
my stage presence is also okay..
bad thing is. i sang using my throat.
i mean, its like better then nose voice right!
anyway.. was a bit nervous ><
and kind of out of breathe. so yes,
i got to go and swim and practice la (:
jiayouu me!

ZHUROURONG, y so shyyy!

mr shawn, act cute ;x hope he doesn't see this. LOL

JULIO bringing~ 个中高手


mr XUhuanliang laoshi! giving a talk abt our performance

whiteangel(beishan):: gentlerose(miaoru)




my meal for that day;; so full!


i like this picture;x

MY costume for the dayy

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