Friday, June 26, 2009

dear dear dear,
im at the F&B lecture now, watching a
how they produce chicken video?

its disgusting thoroughly mans.
and they suffered a lot to become our food.
-.- crippled as they are,
breathing the polluted air..
the ones that are crippled
cannot reach the water dispenser...
some were too thristy that they died
at the place where they were being fed.

super sad cannn....
seeing how they are being treated.
i mean like i know that i do eat chicken,
but if they were treated better before they're
killed, its better ain't it?!
they have stressful and pressured life can.
they're being hang from their legs,
slashed by throat !
the ones that missed it, get fried or cooked
can u imagine yourself being cooked alive?

so eat lesser chicken, or you can start
a campaign about treating chicken better!
im eating lesser chicken. YES.

and apparently, these few days im too eh.
tired, busy? i was late for wednesday's tutorial.
DAMN. i know im going to get warning already.
like for just the first time. =.=
UGH. first time wake up late!!!!!!!

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