Thursday, June 04, 2009

“Do Singaporeans dress badly?”

Hmm, what i can say is depends? some dress nicely, some
is like horrigible. Haha, i dont really have
Certificate or Degree or even Masters etc. for Dress Sense,
but what i am going to do is share some knowledge with you :D
but omg this is going to be wordy!

In my opinion,

Dress sense differs from one to another.
For example, Fat people cant wear skinny jeans,
it would only make them look fatter?
For people who are skinny,
they should not wear like super big dress. (and etc ~)
there're always exception though, like skinny people
can wear extra big shirts, but beware, dont go too far yeah?

Like for dancers, they tend to wear extra large clothes
to allow them to move more freely. Not that the tights one can't,
but its just the hiphop style.

Actually there're loads of fashion style.
Be it for elegant, hiphop, stylish, sexy or hot. It actually should matches
your personality. Imagine if a outgoing and
kind of hype girl wearing a lady style (sweet dress etc),
how would you feel mans. its like so out of the picture!

There're a few categories to be a pretty woman.
Again, there're no ugly woman, only lazy ones. :D
Lets start from here! Tips!

1. Your hair.
If you wear like Britney Spears or Hebe Tian,
with a super messy or rather ugly and disgusting hairstyle,
you look nice? think twice =/
find a hairstylist who can look at your face shape and design
one nice hairstyle for you (:

2. Your Make-Ups.
Please Please, dont even disguise yourself as a witch by
putting uber loads of make-up! Your make-up should make
you look natural, like without make-up (: Whats more,
is that the guy won't even realise that you actually did! (:

3. Your Dress Sense

First thing, find your true self (: sounds weird? Nope,
finding your own personality will allow you to find your sense
of your own fashion style. Yeap. (: SO, you can definitely
ask your friends for some ideas ! Good luck!
Oh, if you need help you can msg me at (:

4. Your Shoe
Shoe actually does affects your sense of style too!
i doubt anyone would wear a slipper when you're
actually wearing a dress do you? i hope you didn't!
High heels can make one look taller and also
smaller legs, but if you can't walk properly with it,
i rather you don't. (: Also, your weight actually minds too.
So look out alrights! you can find loads of nice shoe at Far East Plaza !
Be it mondo or anything (ugh i can't remember the names)

do you think i finished? NO!
5. Accessories & your SMELL, how you behave!
Accessories- from what my friend had learned in a
course, you're not supposed to wear more than 7 accessories (:
not like you count the earrings of course. earring is counted as one.
NOT 7 necklace or 3 necklace 4rings 6piercing (face&ear)
its too, attracting attention? no offence again, it'll just make you
look weird =/

Also, pretty ladies SHOULD smell good. i mean, you don't want guys
to see you so pretty and when they come near you and
you'll hear "YUCK", "EWW" & "WTH" etc. :D

How you behave is another important factor.
if you wear like a gentle mannered lady. you mean you want to
walk with your legs open like a ah beng? that's so WRONG.
Be Confident, give your dazzling smile, mesmerise the guys out there!

Flipflops, are they acceptable?
WHY NOT? NewUrbanMale sells it!
it depends actually. for example, you can
wear flipflops to Orchard Road, your own Polytechnic,
but don't tell me you're going to match it with a formal
t-shirt and formal pants -.- OR even worse, wearing it to
Prom Night! That's so weird and informal !

You can try watching Miss No Good, 不良校花
you can actually pick up quite a lot of tips from there (: yeap
what's more is that the show is actually kind of entertaining !
btw, i think that taiwan's fashion sense is quite
good. because they have a wide stretch of streets,
that sells all uber nice clothes at super cheap prices. :D

Actually there're a lot of dramas you can watch.
Even MVs. for example for guys, you can take a look
at SHINee and DBSK. there're dress sense is simply fabulous.
but of course, they wear it only for MVs,
so beware dont go too over once again.

For guys right, you can either wear a T-shirt,
semi-formal shirt, formal with vest etc. Haha!
I mean this is the normal style ;D
you can also add accessories one, but definitely
NOT too girly one ! Or else, you wont be handsome
skinny jeans are fine but, please dont try to
wear 2 colours one. its just weird!

As for girls, actually we do stand in a better position,
because we can wear skirt and dress! :D
also, you can look at those fashion magazines like CLEO, Teenage
and get ur own style through there (:
who says you need to wear dress to look pretty?
by putting on make up, wearing a t-shirt and
short jean is fine too! but definitely, please add some accessories :D
be it a vest or a scarf! necklace isn't a bad idea too (:

HA, you can take a look at my blogshop! i'll update it really soon!

PJs. Pyjamas- I doubt anyone wears it to
Orchard Road but perhaps neighbouring malls.
Yes there are people who do that and because,
i seen it before. (:
I dont go out with my pyjamas cause its too cute..
MYAHAHAHAHA. (im like thick skin!)
it actually depends on what type of pyjamas
you wear. some wear t-shirts? some wear dress even.
so yeap. For me, i think No, i won't wear it out!
-an example of t-shirts with short jeans :D
and of course SCARF and bangle!
they do sell nice clothes, cheap ones too!

the one in red circle is fine but not the one in white circle!

what can i say? average (:

This Fashion actually do sell nice clothes,
but just that you need the patience to
look for the nice ones :D however,
you can also find some of similar designs at bugis street!

Why did i state Japan at the 1st?
Because, they are more daring,
in the sense that they actually wears lolita out to streets.
Not that Singaporeans dont. Just that, you hardly see it. (:
However, it doesnt means that wearing lolita or gothic,
you'll definitely LOOK NICE.
once again, you need to look at your body figure , hair length and etc.
P.S. im not having a grudge on people who are not so skinny alrights!
being too skinny isn't that good either!

- this is a wrong example, in my opinion of course.

- these are the correct ones :D and prettyyy!

CUTE. not ugly but adorable but
pretty AND adorable!

ANYWAY, since the economic is in recession now,
grab hold of your choice of clothes at GSS NOW.

okay, im not going to blog for like 3 days! so wordy post!

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