Monday, June 08, 2009


went for rht, surprisingly quite okay for me.
i didnt mug much =/
lol, anyway at the night, went for TPDE's fun camp.
and omg, I Ate MAC ONCE AGAIN!
anyway, after that we went to cycle from east coast..
TO singapore indoor stadium via dunman high,
Singapore flyer.. finally.. MARINA BARRAGE.
i like the night view la, but nt in the romantic mood -.-
LOL. the madness mood, tired mood. LOL
whenever i pass by, i'll remember that we cycled thru.
hhohohoho! totally enjoyed!
and when we're reaching there right, the guys are so
EGO. dont want to let me go thru, and some went
super close because they know im afraid -.-

however, the journey back was a bit tough.
lol. and my buttock still hurts till now.
damn! LOL. anyway.. glad to know loads of ppl.
and thanks mr zhengyi for accompanying me home hiahiahia.

went home to slp for like 1 hr -.- damn it.
and i went to .. hmm where i went-.-
OH. FSA, for dance training.
den went to tanjong pagar for vocal training :D
and then then, went to bugis to eat.
didnt got my ring =/ damn it! lol nvm,save monay.
after that went homeee.

ugh, i woke up at 6.
make upppp.. hmm den went to reg hse.
we went to eat breakfast :D
then went to ob help out, and help reg to make up..
warm up... hahaha. surprisingly im nt that nervous.
perhaps, its because i know everyone alr :D

hohohohoho. and julio is such the joke of the day.
he was imitating what if he breaks his voice during
the performance.. and during rehearsal he broke.
LOLOL i laughed really loud mans. luckily its REHEARSAL.
if nt, cmi . LOL. anyway
i think everyone did great. SERIOUSLY WOOO. :D
but im nt very happy with my performance =/
i forgot whatever huan jie laoshi told me -.-
and i forgot some dance steps. DAMN.

oh well, after that vs2 outing :D
HAHA. went to hk cafe (money again -.-)
then we went to pool. HAHA.
apparently im really tired. everyone was asking
why im so quiet. -.- i even slept in the cafe and
at the pool. LOL. (:
still, tired. throughout this 2 days i only had 7 hrs of
sleep, which is apparently DEFiNITELY not
enough for me. my normal sleeping hrs is 8 :D
so sorry if i look damn stone, =/ HAHA.

anyway, after that went to my dear milo house
for steamboat :D:D
okay, i admit your mum looks a bit fierce ;x LOL.
perhaps its because of my dressing -.- lol.
i shall dress like a nerd next time :D.
anyway his cousins are kind of outgoing , so i clicked
quite well. luckily i slept enough, if not
hohoho. they'll see a zombie walking around.. -.-
and omg. the ermm what fish is that, i forgot..
salmon and something. was really tasty!
next time i'll do it at home :D:D:D:D
thanks for the steamboat and everything :D
oh and the coffee icecream is nice LA OMG. :D

i just want to rant about something that happened on the
bus just now. there was 2 guys who was blabbering
vulgars with f words and cb words. damn la.
i mean, its fine if u say it when u're angry sometimes.
BUT NOT IN EVERY SENTENCE? i feel polluted.

hmm, anyway this few days..
I FEEL LOVED :D thanks people . xD
and i got a new brother :D mr kelvin the spiderman :D
i'll be waiting for my chocolates ah LOL.

finally VS ended, kind of feeling lonely, as we wont be
meeting that often.. but i'll meet cr and reg and julio if
we're available of course. MUST AH. :D
will continue to strive hard in this aspect , this route.
(: wish me luck! up next will be the performance (:
yeapyeap. will blog abt this in next post i guess.

*randomness- i want presents! i envy ppl who gets them!

FRIDAY-cycleinthenightphotos :D
up next, VS exam.


food i brought. super cute la!

i didnt know east coast is that prettaye.

can u imagine? im taking this pic while cycling :D

VIEW @ indoor stadium!

On the way to indoor stadium :D



while i cycle....

rest point .






i promised! i blogged. MYAHAHAHA.
time for diet! :D
*perhaps, i should just keep to myself (:

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