Wednesday, July 01, 2009

okay, this shall flood with pictures.
at first - wanted went with this 2 chio bu,
but they cant make it ):


my dear's back !
trip with reg dear for research yeah ;D

trip with mr jacson and mr shawnnnnn

stupid shawn, trying to capture my ic's photo.ROAR.

he's a ah beng, mireen is gentle girl ;D


cannot be predicted..cannot be controlled.. cannot be avoided..
may give you laughter..
may give you memories..
may give you tears..
may or may not last long..
may be sweet in the short period,
but sad in the long period.
when it goes, then you realised that
it had been once there..
lost it, then you start treasuring it ..
it needs giving and taking .. but
not be compulsory for taking..
hai ~ loving someone / being loved
can be sweet or sour.
i really don't know !

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