Friday, July 10, 2009

Perhaps, its time for me to grow up.

For the past few days,
i have been thinking a lot,
i shouldn't be a child anymore.

i should learn that not everyone
thinks the same as me, don't like me,
hate me?
what i think might not what other people
thinks, so i shouldn't expect much.
i wouldn't be anyone's centre as well.

i admit, i got shocked when i heard it.
it may seem just a simple sentence,
but it totally shocked me. well,
i think i ain't significant to anyone....

i shouldn't be clinging onto the past,
shouldn't be a retard anymore..
shouldn't be stingy stubborn stupid silly.

god, i need your help ):

anyway, mireen is really too tired i guess.
i actually took a wrong bus just now ~_~.
hai ~ so much to do, so little time to finish..

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