Friday, July 03, 2009


i bet you don't see this in the normal
newspaper right.
MIREEN times shall publish it :D

okay perhaps later, imma off to lecture..
after that will be full dress rehearsal at

okay FORMAL*
shall write a report la, can improve my report writing.

PURPOSE: To investigate whether if youngsters are really
turning worse from what a woman has said.

Location: SBS BUS NUMBER 85x.
Date: Friday 3/7/09 afternoon
People involved: female passenger (ME)
2 other racial woman, one malay man,
one student from ***** secondary,
one student (teenager) from nowhere (:

REPORT: Yesterday at 1pm in the afternoon,
the female passenger was on the bus 85x, to go her school.
not long after, a student from ***** sec, dash to the front
of the bus. okay i lazy type female passenger.
I was thinking.. why dash -.- can't u alight from the back?
then, a malay man ran up to him shortly after..
guess what,
they started fighting all of a sudden o.O
den...... the bus driver stopped,
and a teenager(student) came up to them as well, shout to
the ***** guy vulgars and asking him to go home how old already
at that moment, i was thinking.. is he old enough to even scold him?
LOL. i mean,there are loads of other adults on train too.
oh wells. that's ACTION.
there were 2 malay woman on the bus scolding too,
asking the boy to go down.. then
after that, the secondary school guy went down...
then the 40++ year old man sat in front of me..
and talk to the 2 malay woman..
they say what.. er..
teenagers nowadays learn to become rude?
higher they go the more rude they are...
i was like what the hell.
it does not applicate to everyone can?!
oh wells. speechless

okay.. and then there was another incident..
i was on my way back from bugis...
then i went onto this bus..
and there were 2 kids sitting at the back
with an adult. so i infer that the adult is one or
both of the child's father.....
one child was quite fat and another was kind of skinny..
i wanted to sleep at the bus one la duh, as i was really
tired throughout the day, having hiphop and vocal lesson..

the fat child didnt let me to.
HE SCREECHED like dunno for HOW MANY bloody time.
is really screech okay! there was a woman sitting at the back,
she even moved in front. LOL.
can u imagine the level man -.-
then the 2 kids started to play, like sitting on each other
den i was kind of agitated so i kept looking back. LOl.
then, i guess is the skinnier kid's father, he knows.
he know what i meant!
so, he started to pull the skinny kid away from his fren i guess.
alrights, i know they're children, if not.
i'll scold them myself. LOL.

somehow, my prefect's responsiblitiy came bugging to me.
i was like thinking.. if they're u know, in my sch.
i'll definitely shout at them. LOL
i must say thatt! haha.
when his father tried to push them away,
the skinny guy tried to rebel -.-
i mean like wow, no manner. LOL. kids
nowadays are perhaps really getting worse.
oh well, the kid even say his father siao ~ got vulgar?
nt sure.

OH WELL,singapore should implement their
education disipline system man!
hai ~


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