Friday, August 07, 2009

alrights. mireen got fat.

-.-... i mean seriously.
im not like i tink i got fat but
i can see it thru my stomach and my shoulders.
but i dont understand why.. -.-
cos im eating lesser, or rather same like the past?
i guess because i dont exercise enough ba o.o
oh wells, i'll have trainings on
monday wednesday thursday saturday for dance.
(: aja aja hwaiting!
i need to SPLIT. yes yi zhi ma ~

im kind of in a vex mood this morning..
too much negative things happened.
i know im thinking too much but
i cant just control my mindd......
only way is to SLEEP. yes SLEEP.

normally when u say u're not feeling well,
a normal person will ask are you okay?
BUT. the person asked me if IM SURE IF IM NT FEELING WELL.
like ...... seriously wtf. (im in a bad mood)

that's not all.
must be people in same group to go out for outings?
i dont understand.
i ask everyone out regardless if the person
is in my clique or not (:
okay, perhaps people DO think differently but.
oh wells, perhaps the person is just insensitive.

talking abt sensitivity....
i realise.. im sensitive abt MYSELF,
however not sensitive about what i do,
or rather not enough about how other people feel.
im changing you know. so yah (:

and please, never pull someone down or rather,
pull their morales down.
perhaps u're just joking,
perhaps you think the person wont mind.
perhaps you think that its the better good for the person.

but you're not. you're just trying to
DISmotivate the person (hoho, new invented word)

and i admit, i do it too, again, im changing. (:
i want to be miss nice. BECAUSE.
im lazy to go and por other people.
so as well be nice in the start. rather than
SORRY AH ~~~~~

not everyone is perfect. are you?

time for chionging study.
2 weeks time for exam.
and i think im lagging behind..
even though *some people say they haven started,
BUT. who knows? (:

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