Sunday, August 23, 2009

how i wish...

i could dance now..

my papers are all over..

okay, i have loads of wishes!
but the most impt one is.

ROAR. i need someone to rely on =/
i admit, i have been watching too much
dramas! so im kind of jealous over the couples.
whenever i saw them in a sweet condition..
i'll AWWW. omg. i can feel the sensation! HAHAHAS.

i saw some of my sec sch mates tday..
guoming.. junhao.. and zhengjie..
lols. and one of them asked me
if i was doing modeling in china..
i was like O______________O
when did i ever when to china to model?

AHHHH. oh and :D
my trophy is up now on youtube.
i mean my performance for vs concert :D
please please. give some comments.
and sorry for the shaky parts. HAHA.

and.. i still got 4 more bloody papers to go!
ganbatte mireen!
onew says AJA HWAITING! xD

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