Sunday, August 23, 2009

just sharing thoughts.

alrights, im supposed to be mugging.
but just let me share this
something alrights.

im damn irritated. why?!
ok i had a dramatic dream todayyy.
i dream that a quite handsome guy
wrote a love letter to me.
however, it was near december.
i also don't know why i remember its in dec
i think its because i got the feeling its going to be
my birthday soon. lols.
and i dunno -.-
i received this something like birthday card
but with love letter content la. alrights.
lols. yeap. den i was in this taxi
and then we were going to some shopping centre.
i remembered his hairstyle okayyy!
something like jaejoong's hairstyle
BUT its not jaejoong. LOL.

how i wish it was onew ):
anyway, i forgot everything after dropping off the taxi.
YES. shit! LOLS.
but the feeling is shuang de. HOHOHOHO
like something u cant get in real life,
but i got it in dream cos i didn't had this
feeling for a long long time yeah? :D

and here m i,
suffering in mac.
with an old lady shouting hokkien
which is distracting me

if i dont blog, i'll keep getting distracted
so as well blog right?!
then something will be off my mind (:
and i didnt know strangers read my blog.
thanks for the kind wishes! :D
yes, just tell myself


i might be going some place
in october, but im not so sure yet.
since my schedule is quite hectic.
and i dont know
IF im chosen for the mooncake sales yet -.-
so troublesome.
can't u just tell me if i am in?! ROAR.

YAY. finally a peace at mac, wher i can study. *SMIRKS.
they're gonee!
im back to studyyy.

and seriously, how i wish
i can look like taeyong! (okay sperror)
she's uber pretty to me.
:D dream girl lookalike.
perhaps if i become singer someday,
i shld go and have plastic surgery on my eye lids,
and she better not snatch my onew,
or else, im going to hate her.
even though its so impossible
i'll get to know onew.
but no harm to dream right.
since my character and him is so alike.

HWAITING. off to mug!

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