Wednesday, August 26, 2009


just finished watching a show regarding
Japan (:
it gave me some thoughts about what i am
going to work towards...

there're some stuffs that singaporeans should
learn from them... (:
Whether in terms of attitude, the way you
present yourself - inner and outer beauty
and also the courtesy or rather own morale.

attitude- some singaporeans are turning really
from bad to worst....
nowadays you can hear a lot of primary sch kids
scolding vulgars just for the sake of scolding it.
come on, what is this mans. -.-
scolding it doesn't bring ur rank higher,
in fact it just shows that you're not educated.
i got my reasons for saying you're not educated...
for example,you scold f*** right.
you should know the meaning of it, however,
you still scold it when it doesn't have any link to
why you scold f***.
sorry if im offending anyone.
and its not like all Jap don't scold la (:
there're always good and bad people.

2ndly is the dressing sense.
In Japan, you have to dress yourself
prettily everyday to show courtesy or
rather project who are you through it.
its like if you're lazy, you wouldn't bother
if your clothes is tattered and torn...
in chinese - 佛要金装,人要衣装

roughly get my idea? (:
for courtesy..
as you know, singaporeans are quite kiasu..
i mean sometimes i am too, when i am rushing..
its like the people boarding the bus will chiong to go up.
and for mrt, some can't even wait for the people to come
out chiong in already..

yeap. loads more to learn!
and also service.....!
they'll always smile sweetly to their customers.
okay, i feel like going Japan!
just for the experience :D

im going to benkyo for my last paper yeah?
oyasuminasai! (nights)

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