Sunday, August 02, 2009


okay, onew is so loved.
do u actually know that
i don't actually go for those idols.
but that was before i got to know onew.

i like him is nt because of his looks,
but the hard work and effort he
put into his singing career,
and i swear im going to strive like he does too!
and of course, i'll do it before i go into my 20s,
cause i tink by the time, it'll be
quite old alr!

he actually fall and came up as soon as he can.
u can see how hard working OR hw much
sm entertainment had groomed him la (:
its most of his hardwork,
that's why i'll strive like he does too (:

here comes
extreme dance courses,
interesting keyboard classes,
powerful vocal class!

and randomly,
overwhelming part time job.
HELLO, i need to work
for my fees can! i dont like
taking money from my mum!

ONEW <3 saranghae!

oh yah, and i promise i'll update
more abt the concert soon,
this coming week perhaps!
and and, im starting to fear someone -.-
he looks bloody scary!
ROAR. im not bias, seriously.

exams are coming,
indeed im stress. (:
jiayou mireen!

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