Friday, August 14, 2009

ROAR, first time in my life.

-.- first time in my life i sprained my leg.

can y0u believe it?
now its actually swollen. =/
i fell down at dunman high.
* no 8 character with it. LOL.
stupid backstage stairs.
at first got skin peel off,
den i was thinking what's that mans.
until i realised it was the peeled off skin.

and after that when i was at the security
guard post i mean somewhere near.
i piak again. -.- shit mans.
lucky still can dance =/
however. the sound system weren't that good.

so ya.
YAY, working at tunglok tomo with them (:!

1 comment:

peijun said...

ur tagboard's not loading on my com... so i'll jus comment u! DO TAKE CARE OK!!! Dancer most impt de is ur leg!!! aiyo~~~ have u seen a chinese sinsei or something? lol... i sound lik a naggy grandma. -.-