Wednesday, September 30, 2009

had a real tiring day yesterday,
after dance went to work.
im asking for it, blame on myself.

slept for 4hrs and im off to dance,
im late

damn it, i shldn't rely
or even wish.

i have got to be independent.
what m i turning into?
thinking abt the person everyday,
being angry because of some stupid things.
this isn't me.

now im off to dance again,
3.30-5, 6-9.
wish me luck, given the time im allocated with,
i might not have enough.

just nw while i took bus,
im like sleep,
ops just nice reach, dash to next bus,
sleep, JUST NICE reach,
dashed again to next bus.
perhaps im just lucky.
thank god.

too much commitment, will cut down soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009

tired and busy days over!

ugh, finally F1 over. GONE.
really sorry that i aint blogging these few days.
its because of 3reasons.

1. MIO VOICE broken down.
2. LAPTOP off to repair.
3. TIRING DAYS FOR F1, i want to slp can.

why am i blogging now then? because IM AT SCH
for dance -.-
oh wells i got to go tp everyday for dance.
tomo, 3-6 (i guess i leaving at 5 because of banquet)
wed 9-11?
thurs 3-6,
fri 9-12 -.-..... wth right. DARN.

anyway. f1.
HA. first day was okay for me. except for the leg pain -.-
oh, and one thing made me laugh like siao cha bor,
that is, i opened a door for someone, u know those
bar door? that will rebounce one,
LOLS i open alr forgot ppl inside, then hit his BUTT.

oh wait o.o i spilled smth on the floor and myself.
and it didnt spilled on anyone. HAHA.

2nd day wasn't a good day for me. RAWR.
shag like mad. ah, anth u can ask me. rawr.
i spilled smth too, but it wasn't really me,
it was the one who put it on my tray. AH.

and i feel really really bad, because i made asri
really angry >.< mei lian jian ta beh.

3rd day, hmm, quite smooth in some sense,
was helping out at the bar taking orders.
seriously, i made asri angry once again. LOL
mostly it is all because of miscommunication.
there's one angmoh. AH. nvm. LOLS.
anyway, i was kind of seh yesterday,
BUT i wasn't drunk in the sense that im high or
i cant see things clearly yeah?
THANKS MR JUSTICE for sending me back.

anyway, my legs still hurts like nobody business.
and yeap, wait till my electronic gadgets are repair
before i can blog once again :D:D

and i need a break too straighten out my thoughts. (:
im confused once again,
trying not to sink in but . . .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


omgomg, so sweet that jan di
and gu jun pyo are tgt, but i haven watch
finish. 15mins left.

i got to go to sleep because i got dance tomo at 9 -.-
so yeap.
and i feel really sad for ji hoo,
being such a nice guy and not getting anywhere.
but at least he get happiness alrights~!
im shall be like him too. HAHA.
doing things in a small corner. (:
-.- sometimes im scared when
ppl treat me too good
i'll end up liking them. OMG.

controlling, you know it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

anyone wanna go kbox? LOLS.

had sudden urge to watch horror too.
-.- LOL. but i think i'll definitely REGRET IT. =/

anyway.. had a tiring day yesterday
doing banquet (: haha.
but not bad la (:
leg step on at least 123156789191089189019 lemon.
lol. (:

feeling better today.
let fate decide for me. AH HAH AHAHA

to me, almost everything is too good to be true.

perhaps some type of happiness
is smth to me
that its too good to be true...

i regret.
why am i not by her side.
why she did it -.-
damn, mireen wth are u doing.
she's SO silly........
DARN. i feel like slapping myself.
worse still............. UGH. forget it.

lols. pardon me, im having too much
negative emotions these few days.
why i wonder..
lack of concern frm friends? i don't know..

ok. i shall say something abt myself.
im a girl, who doesn't believe that someone
WILL like me until they confess.
why? you must be wondering right. (:
because, i dont wanna wish,
so i wouldn't get disappointed, or rather
think too highly of myself in some sense.

even if its from someone else's mouth,
i wouldn't believe.. (:
even if he treat me very good, i wouldn't believe.
who says that a friend can't treat u like a sister?
i don't like being 一厢情愿
furthermore, im kind of girl who is very sensitive,
i mean i know everyone doesn't want to
be hurt, but im one of the few who prevents
before getting hurt so that i wouldn't do stupid things.
so yah. lols.
that also happens for ppl who confess to be
before, because i don't believe, it might
be infatuation, just because im special in some ways.
AH I DON'T know la -.-
im nt a good girl. RAWR.
sorry if i hurt anyone indirectly.
i treat everyone as equal (:

sometimes, its stupid to think that
the person will msg you...
help you.. miss you..
okay -.- i shouldn't be thinking of that.
ROAR. contradiction.
i don't

crying for some stupid things is perhaps stupid but.
i also have my own weakness

Friday, September 18, 2009


hellooo peoplee.

today was a boring day for me.
had apec training in the day.
okay its enriching BUT.
boring. -.- i just couldn't concentrate.
so i slept. LOL.
EH. but i still DID pay attention alrights.

and. it seems that i didnt neglect my blog
like i said i would HAHAHA.
so people, you all better read okays! :D

and i wanted to make cheese cake BUT
NTUC cream cheese was outofstock,
so blame it on fate, you cant eat MY CHEESE CAKE. :D

and yeap tomo tiring day once again.. lols.
morning.. dance training,
afternoon meeting milo for some stuffs.
night.. banquet (:
okay nothing. LOL.

lets see... i got a few things that i had a sudden craving of.

1. teddybear!
2. chocolates :D
3. MOVIE. ;D (i wanna get dance,subaru!)
4. SHINee! RAWR. they're on the way of
creating more songs and preparing themselves.
5. DBSK.
6. BOA's song (:
8. oversea trip!
9. street jazz dance class for ryan ): cant join!
10. being individual in some aspect.
12. foooood xD
13. slim down o.o
15. somethings that i wished that i could have
but i couldn't....

lets not be greedy and just name 15. LOL.
okay in fact im uberly greedy :D

life is about enjoyment! xD

lets share some shinee moments!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

finally, brought my "onew"(laptop)
for repair :D:D

and im at ocean butterflies now.
so boreddd! ROARS.
mireen is uberly tired from the dance.
and guess what im having tomorrow?
APEC TRAINING. which will be uberly boring once again.

and should i go dance at pub and club for
eh pay? LOLS. its easy money. seriously.
but.... sekali need to wear very little clothes -.-

and yanshou results were quite negative.
but oh wells, its expected. =/
and. getting praised is actually not that good either.
i mean individually. =/

yeap, working vigorously next week. LOL.
yeapp. and i might not blog that often due to
repair of laptoppp and MIREEN IS A BUSY WOMAN.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UGH. finally my laptop really break down.

so means that i gonna go to some
fujitsu shop to repair -.-
damn it

alrights im very tired nowadays. why?
because i have almost 2 dance training everyday.
except for friday though =/
its uberly tiring. =/ yeap.
so good luck to me tonight for my yanshou
and to my darling who will be having their guan mo hui
this saturday YEAH? :D
i'll be online less often,
so pardon me cos this desktop is really bloody slow. -.-

Monday, September 14, 2009


HAHAHAS. imma watching

omg, kun da is so so so handsome :D
hu yu wei alsoooo ;D
and in some sense, i don't think that
selina's sis acted very well.
she's kind of fake in the show la,
but as the show progress she's improving (:
and xiu is WOOO another shuai ge, ;D

anyway, watching some funny moments of snsd,
so i wanna share with u abt taeyong,
she's sooo bubbly cute HAHAHHAHAS

and these are some of my random pics recently.

hectic week. :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009


damn shiat,
my laptop is having problem alr. -.-
display screen auto turn off o.O

anyway im slacking this few days,
damn shit. =/
ughhh. but next week will be hectic week -.-

commbased training for dancing..
EVERYDAY got training.
=/ yanshou on wednesday.
monday got keyboard class.
thurs got dance and vocal class.
HA. tuesday.. i think nthing at night i guess.
friday alsooo.
sat.. dance practice.
sun working day.
next monday working one whole day.
tues onwards F1 event. (:

HA. busy me (:
sometimes how i wish to have someone
to rely on...

Friday, September 11, 2009

confession pt2 : observation! and etc.

not bad, i can upload pictures. since i can,
i shall blog abt confession part 2. eh.
since i got time as well blog now. :D
got loads more parts oh!
now is only male part, still got FEMALE.

i admit im a love specialist. (LOL)
i think i really can write novels or rather
a book about it? xD
wonder if anyone will buy it o.O
anyways. back to topic.

why observe? you'll need to observe before
you can do any action what right.
its like observing ur enemies before deciding
if you should strike or wait? (:
same logic, just that. its about WOMAN. (:

im writing these because. HAHA i
want my boyfriend to know whatever i want.
HOHOHO. so you better read if :X you know? (:
if he doesn't, i'll force him MUAHAHAHA.
no la joking :D
im just plainly sharing with you guys. (:
there're actually plenty to observe about.

1. shopping
hahas. i guess guys usually do not watch dramas.
so. they don't know the thing about the secret
behind what a girl is thinkingg (:
normally... NORMALLY.
when a girl goes into a shop which sells
those teddybear la.. some keychains.
IF she says omg, this teddybear so cute!
heh, its time for u to put on your guard.
either she's hoping that you'll buy one for her,
or she wants it, but she doesn't have the money
OR its just basically basic admiration for the teddy bear.
what to do? easy!
say : you want me to buy for youuu?
if she say : no need la, its okay.
perhaps a moment later,
say : you sure you don't want?
if she say : yeap, its okay..
unless she say nah, its too ex or smth,
thats why you got to observe.

HA. if you're really interested in her,
invest in the teddy bear. (:
secretly, perhaps when she isn't looking :D (best strategy)
then after that.
you can either, give her openly.
"for youu"
you can hide it in her bag. (normally girls bring bag out) (:
for hiding in her bag right, will be a better choice
for those sensitive girl actually most will like it la.

2. yourself

you got to look handsome first before
getting a pretty girl right.
observe if you're at the best of your condition
before confession.
take good care of your skin.
if possible, i'll write up a post abt taking good care
of SKIN :D if i have the time. (:

3. her attitude.
you got to observe her attitude towards you for sure.
you definitely don't want to get rejected
and have this awkward feeling between you 2 do you?
perhaps, you can hint her by touching her hair la,
maybe her face (but better not, in case she don't like)
or hinting her in some ways. (:
OH one good thing is, when you're in crowd,
you can try hm clutching her hand as you all walk thru.
this will give them a sense of belonging or security (:
traffic junction also!

4. the things she desire.
does she like romance?
or whatever things she like, you better notice.
(: for example myself, i like korean dramas,
you can try watching a few to have a topic to talk ;D
or if she's in some cca like dance?
talk about dance! (:
noticing what she like can also help you in confession.
for example, daring type la, love letter type?
or shy type o.o
need flower? some presents?
romantic ambience? sounds a bit....
omg shiver up my spine. LOLS.

5. her actions.
hmm.. if you bring the girl to watch a movie.
best thing. HORROR. :D
excited beh.
lols. try not to.
if you're not afraid, HAHA. be a man,
lend her your shoulders.
cover her eyes when you need to (but dont overdo it)
if she hug youuu. HOHOHO
means u can ROUGHLY like put ur
hands at her another shoulder?

another type of movie - sad movies.
prepare your tissue :D
she sad, wipe for her la. HAHA
basic knowledge u better know!
or u can push her head on to your shoulder but
please, know your limit. if she don't like,

another is, if she's cold. try to bring a jacket with you.
HAHA cold? nah~ jacket
^^ guy must be thoughtful de! (:

YEAP. and girls need to be pampered.
opening car doors,
helping her to pull the chair before seating down.
where are all your manners? O____O
all in rubbish bin alr -.-
bad thing ah, guys are forsaking the impt points.

so, good luck guys!

MOVIE.back to job.TRAININGS.

these few days are packed with
movie la.. job la.. and mostly.

hai~ yan shou is coming next wednesday.
wish me luck. i just hope xu huan liang laoshi
don't shoot us if not we'll all die.
now all the steps are done,
just left cleaning... (:
mireen will work hard.
sometimes. i wonder if ppl do change because
of stress o.O oh wells.
sometimes, this is so frustrating.
shall not elaborate (:

anyway. watched time traveller's wife.
super touching. but the hm. ending is a bit weird.
oh wells. it made me cry -.- but
ok im someone who is very emotional, so
haaha no comments.
i pity the wife a lot ):

next up will be G FORCE, FAME.
should i watch dance flick?
UGHHHH. i wanna buy the book tooooo~!
but its 70++ bucks. =/
damn it. mireen need money to travel and SPLURCH.

and i need to be more firm alr o.o
i realise im very forgiving in certain sense.
is it bad? =/ and im treating ppl too nice?
ROAR. but im mireen. why must i live
to the standard of other people.
being happy is more impt. ROAR.



i passed my exam. which means.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

mireen is disappointed ):

why? and to whom?
to myself. =/
yesterday i made my first mistake.. =/
spill something on customer. OMG.

see la -.- think u so strong,
carry too much things. now DROP.
orh bi kuek. hai ~

oh wells. luckily the customer was
really nice. but this made me feel worse -.-
omg. =/ hw could i do this mans.

lesson learnt =/

anyway. im kind of confused right now.
hai. too much things to think about,
too little memory to store. also,
not efficient enough too. -.-

is being nice something bad? =/
i know it isn't. but.

anyway my results are out. BUT.
damn it, the website is lagging.
must be due to overwhelming students logging in.
worried for my iht. I DONT WANNA TAKE SUP PAPERS.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

confession pt1 : how to confess to a girl ?

yeap, i bet some guys are waiting for
my this post right?! :D
i bet u're excited. LOL

there're actually loads of different ways for
a confession.
no matter the place,time, or the things involved. (:

alrights. here comes the 秘诀!
for guys/girls under 16 that is acceptable for them.
1. MSN (:
2. SMS (:

for GIRLS. 17 and above (:
1. phone.. (okay la still can accept)
2.DIRECT. face-to-face!

why for girls 17 & above must face to face alr?
because. they feel that guys who confess in msn
or sms or phone call are either childish,
or they dont haf courage or simply. they're just boring.
also, confessing face to face have more sincerity (:

so. there's actually techniques involved.
never ever say. EH i think i like you ah.
nvr say i think. er maybe i like or whatever.
just stay firm and say. XXX, i like you. i really like you.
(: half of the battle has won! :D

never be lame -.- or rather jokingly say.
cos girls will never take it for real.
they want a real and truthful confession.

for face-to-face confession, i'll just give a tip or 2 alrights.

1. give a present.
girls are always happy to receive a small little cute present.
no matter what they say, they're just trying to have pride or
rather they don't want you to spend your money (:

2. choose a place with nice ambience.
somewhere near the sea? like vivo city top level la..
a nice ambience park? (:
if u're daring enough, confess in the public loudly.
sure work one.
but u better not scare away the girl ah. LOL.
or a restaurant? (: sentosa also can..
somewhere that has a nice sky view at night also cann (:
ice skating place also can (: as long as you have the
correct confession statement.

3.wear smartly.
but do not overdress or underdress.
i bet you wanna look good in front
of your new girlfriend right?
and i bet u dont want ur girlfriend
to look ugly in front of you.

4. speak fluently.
don't speak vulgars in front of them if possible.
(: im serious. for a normal girl, they wont possibly
like to speak vulgars la (: yeap.
so yes. and also, confession you can't be speaking broken
english right? ok a bit is fine la. but just use the
language that you both is understandable and must
be something that you're confident in. yeah? (:

5. hairstyle. shoe and etc.
your hairstyle actually affects your
overall outfit. shoes too.
its like u cant wear slipper with a formal outfit right?
yeap. accessories also. (:

i hope this helps a little!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


omg,i dreamt abt shinee.

but bad thing is i dreamt that jonghyun smoke!
must be due to his hair lor!
but it isn't true anyway. HAHA.
onew cha gia! :D:D:D
but he wasn't smiling to me.
damn it. but i remember that he was teasing
me in some sense beh.
HAHA is this the reward after a day of suffering? :D

chao shuang de. :D

anyway. up next will be
i said before, if im a guy,
i'll definitely charm loads of girls HAHA.




Sunday, September 06, 2009

sometimes i really dont wanna reveal
my weak part of me.
i dont understand. -.-

and i didnt know that angry will
make u cry o.O

anyways. mireen is weak for the current.

MSCHIA & ME during teachers' day celebration
:D MISS HER LOADS. best teacher i have ever met.

my LAOPOs. (:
stella joanne shimin & me

somethings to say to my laopos.
thanks for being by my side whenever
i need you all (: having you people for
friends more than 6 years is my blessing (:
and also, thanks a lot to my facil andrew, i bet
he won't remember me at all alr hahas.
since time pass so long ago during sec 4 camp.
hmm. thanks for the encouragement and everything
you had gave me during the camp.
i appreciate a lot till now (:
i still keep the stick pad paper with me (:
thanks for noticing what i had done for either myself
or for my team members. i had nvr thought that one
would even notice.
today is some sensitive day for me (:
i'll work hard.

Friday, September 04, 2009

lets. share the love (:

There was a blind girl
who hated herself because she was blind.
She hated everyone,
except her loving boyfriend.
He was always there for her.
She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see
the world, I will marry you.'

One day,
someone donated a pair of eyes to her.
When the bandages came off,
she was able to see everything,
including her boyfriend.....

He asked her, 'Now that you can see the world,
will you marry me?' The girl looked at
her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The
sight of his closed eyelids shocked her.
She hadn't expected that.
The thought of looking at them the rest of her life
led her to refuse to marry him.

Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a
note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes,
my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.'

Now, what do you think? its just some stupid stories?
Nope. IT ISN'T.
why are babies a sinner?
because when they aren't taught to be selfish,
they are.
when they aren't taught to be rebellious, they are!

Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who
was always by their side in the most painful situations.

Before you complain about the taste of your food -
Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife -
Think of someone who's crying out to
GOD for a companion. ( YES ME. LOLS)

And when you are tired and complain about your job -
Think of the unemployed, the disabled,
and those who wish they had your job.

Remember that not one of us is without sin.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down -
Put a smile on your face and think: you're alive
and still around.

Or u can come look for mireen (:
she'll cheer u up xD


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


this post shld be done in
349802349128910859years ago.

xiaolongbao and la mien buffet! :D
including steamboat cost abt 23.75 bucks?

definitely worth it (:
went with daddy(yikang), christina,
cr and regina. :D

because of some reasons, reg didnt eat the buffet la.
so i wan to complain abt somethingg..
-.- reg was hungry so i wanted to steal a bun outside for her
to eat, since we're going out to search for bubble tea anyway
one of the waitress asked me to eat at there -.-
for what siah?
its just a bun. do u have to be that strict?
ok i understand u haf ur reasons but .
a bit ridiculous lor.
anyway i managed to steal it out anyway.
mireen is. clever! :D

photo time!



loads of veggieee!

look at the ma la guo. omg.

free 100g prawns o.O



cr's mixed sauce, i make one kaes.

mine! :D


that"sickening"face LOL. :X i think he's killing me for this.


finally exams are over.
why am i saying it now?
cos i didnt announce it last week.

ps. shit the blogger, not allowing me to upload photos.
so its gonna be very big. to view it, please
press on the photo yeah? :D


Tuesday, September 01, 2009


hahaha finally changed my display picture.
somehow i got a 6th sense that
there'll be bound to ppl to have bad comments on it.

HAHA, anyway im going to ikea later
in search of boxes to keep my books! :D

time to decorate my room. HOHOHO.