Wednesday, September 09, 2009

confession pt1 : how to confess to a girl ?

yeap, i bet some guys are waiting for
my this post right?! :D
i bet u're excited. LOL

there're actually loads of different ways for
a confession.
no matter the place,time, or the things involved. (:

alrights. here comes the 秘诀!
for guys/girls under 16 that is acceptable for them.
1. MSN (:
2. SMS (:

for GIRLS. 17 and above (:
1. phone.. (okay la still can accept)
2.DIRECT. face-to-face!

why for girls 17 & above must face to face alr?
because. they feel that guys who confess in msn
or sms or phone call are either childish,
or they dont haf courage or simply. they're just boring.
also, confessing face to face have more sincerity (:

so. there's actually techniques involved.
never ever say. EH i think i like you ah.
nvr say i think. er maybe i like or whatever.
just stay firm and say. XXX, i like you. i really like you.
(: half of the battle has won! :D

never be lame -.- or rather jokingly say.
cos girls will never take it for real.
they want a real and truthful confession.

for face-to-face confession, i'll just give a tip or 2 alrights.

1. give a present.
girls are always happy to receive a small little cute present.
no matter what they say, they're just trying to have pride or
rather they don't want you to spend your money (:

2. choose a place with nice ambience.
somewhere near the sea? like vivo city top level la..
a nice ambience park? (:
if u're daring enough, confess in the public loudly.
sure work one.
but u better not scare away the girl ah. LOL.
or a restaurant? (: sentosa also can..
somewhere that has a nice sky view at night also cann (:
ice skating place also can (: as long as you have the
correct confession statement.

3.wear smartly.
but do not overdress or underdress.
i bet you wanna look good in front
of your new girlfriend right?
and i bet u dont want ur girlfriend
to look ugly in front of you.

4. speak fluently.
don't speak vulgars in front of them if possible.
(: im serious. for a normal girl, they wont possibly
like to speak vulgars la (: yeap.
so yes. and also, confession you can't be speaking broken
english right? ok a bit is fine la. but just use the
language that you both is understandable and must
be something that you're confident in. yeah? (:

5. hairstyle. shoe and etc.
your hairstyle actually affects your
overall outfit. shoes too.
its like u cant wear slipper with a formal outfit right?
yeap. accessories also. (:

i hope this helps a little!

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