Friday, September 11, 2009

confession pt2 : observation! and etc.

not bad, i can upload pictures. since i can,
i shall blog abt confession part 2. eh.
since i got time as well blog now. :D
got loads more parts oh!
now is only male part, still got FEMALE.

i admit im a love specialist. (LOL)
i think i really can write novels or rather
a book about it? xD
wonder if anyone will buy it o.O
anyways. back to topic.

why observe? you'll need to observe before
you can do any action what right.
its like observing ur enemies before deciding
if you should strike or wait? (:
same logic, just that. its about WOMAN. (:

im writing these because. HAHA i
want my boyfriend to know whatever i want.
HOHOHO. so you better read if :X you know? (:
if he doesn't, i'll force him MUAHAHAHA.
no la joking :D
im just plainly sharing with you guys. (:
there're actually plenty to observe about.

1. shopping
hahas. i guess guys usually do not watch dramas.
so. they don't know the thing about the secret
behind what a girl is thinkingg (:
normally... NORMALLY.
when a girl goes into a shop which sells
those teddybear la.. some keychains.
IF she says omg, this teddybear so cute!
heh, its time for u to put on your guard.
either she's hoping that you'll buy one for her,
or she wants it, but she doesn't have the money
OR its just basically basic admiration for the teddy bear.
what to do? easy!
say : you want me to buy for youuu?
if she say : no need la, its okay.
perhaps a moment later,
say : you sure you don't want?
if she say : yeap, its okay..
unless she say nah, its too ex or smth,
thats why you got to observe.

HA. if you're really interested in her,
invest in the teddy bear. (:
secretly, perhaps when she isn't looking :D (best strategy)
then after that.
you can either, give her openly.
"for youu"
you can hide it in her bag. (normally girls bring bag out) (:
for hiding in her bag right, will be a better choice
for those sensitive girl actually most will like it la.

2. yourself

you got to look handsome first before
getting a pretty girl right.
observe if you're at the best of your condition
before confession.
take good care of your skin.
if possible, i'll write up a post abt taking good care
of SKIN :D if i have the time. (:

3. her attitude.
you got to observe her attitude towards you for sure.
you definitely don't want to get rejected
and have this awkward feeling between you 2 do you?
perhaps, you can hint her by touching her hair la,
maybe her face (but better not, in case she don't like)
or hinting her in some ways. (:
OH one good thing is, when you're in crowd,
you can try hm clutching her hand as you all walk thru.
this will give them a sense of belonging or security (:
traffic junction also!

4. the things she desire.
does she like romance?
or whatever things she like, you better notice.
(: for example myself, i like korean dramas,
you can try watching a few to have a topic to talk ;D
or if she's in some cca like dance?
talk about dance! (:
noticing what she like can also help you in confession.
for example, daring type la, love letter type?
or shy type o.o
need flower? some presents?
romantic ambience? sounds a bit....
omg shiver up my spine. LOLS.

5. her actions.
hmm.. if you bring the girl to watch a movie.
best thing. HORROR. :D
excited beh.
lols. try not to.
if you're not afraid, HAHA. be a man,
lend her your shoulders.
cover her eyes when you need to (but dont overdo it)
if she hug youuu. HOHOHO
means u can ROUGHLY like put ur
hands at her another shoulder?

another type of movie - sad movies.
prepare your tissue :D
she sad, wipe for her la. HAHA
basic knowledge u better know!
or u can push her head on to your shoulder but
please, know your limit. if she don't like,

another is, if she's cold. try to bring a jacket with you.
HAHA cold? nah~ jacket
^^ guy must be thoughtful de! (:

YEAP. and girls need to be pampered.
opening car doors,
helping her to pull the chair before seating down.
where are all your manners? O____O
all in rubbish bin alr -.-
bad thing ah, guys are forsaking the impt points.

so, good luck guys!

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