Thursday, September 17, 2009

finally, brought my "onew"(laptop)
for repair :D:D

and im at ocean butterflies now.
so boreddd! ROARS.
mireen is uberly tired from the dance.
and guess what im having tomorrow?
APEC TRAINING. which will be uberly boring once again.

and should i go dance at pub and club for
eh pay? LOLS. its easy money. seriously.
but.... sekali need to wear very little clothes -.-

and yanshou results were quite negative.
but oh wells, its expected. =/
and. getting praised is actually not that good either.
i mean individually. =/

yeap, working vigorously next week. LOL.
yeapp. and i might not blog that often due to
repair of laptoppp and MIREEN IS A BUSY WOMAN.

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