Wednesday, September 30, 2009

had a real tiring day yesterday,
after dance went to work.
im asking for it, blame on myself.

slept for 4hrs and im off to dance,
im late

damn it, i shldn't rely
or even wish.

i have got to be independent.
what m i turning into?
thinking abt the person everyday,
being angry because of some stupid things.
this isn't me.

now im off to dance again,
3.30-5, 6-9.
wish me luck, given the time im allocated with,
i might not have enough.

just nw while i took bus,
im like sleep,
ops just nice reach, dash to next bus,
sleep, JUST NICE reach,
dashed again to next bus.
perhaps im just lucky.
thank god.

too much commitment, will cut down soon.

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