Thursday, September 10, 2009

mireen is disappointed ):

why? and to whom?
to myself. =/
yesterday i made my first mistake.. =/
spill something on customer. OMG.

see la -.- think u so strong,
carry too much things. now DROP.
orh bi kuek. hai ~

oh wells. luckily the customer was
really nice. but this made me feel worse -.-
omg. =/ hw could i do this mans.

lesson learnt =/

anyway. im kind of confused right now.
hai. too much things to think about,
too little memory to store. also,
not efficient enough too. -.-

is being nice something bad? =/
i know it isn't. but.

anyway my results are out. BUT.
damn it, the website is lagging.
must be due to overwhelming students logging in.
worried for my iht. I DONT WANNA TAKE SUP PAPERS.

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