Sunday, September 06, 2009

sometimes i really dont wanna reveal
my weak part of me.
i dont understand. -.-

and i didnt know that angry will
make u cry o.O

anyways. mireen is weak for the current.

MSCHIA & ME during teachers' day celebration
:D MISS HER LOADS. best teacher i have ever met.

my LAOPOs. (:
stella joanne shimin & me

somethings to say to my laopos.
thanks for being by my side whenever
i need you all (: having you people for
friends more than 6 years is my blessing (:
and also, thanks a lot to my facil andrew, i bet
he won't remember me at all alr hahas.
since time pass so long ago during sec 4 camp.
hmm. thanks for the encouragement and everything
you had gave me during the camp.
i appreciate a lot till now (:
i still keep the stick pad paper with me (:
thanks for noticing what i had done for either myself
or for my team members. i had nvr thought that one
would even notice.
today is some sensitive day for me (:
i'll work hard.

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