Monday, September 28, 2009

tired and busy days over!

ugh, finally F1 over. GONE.
really sorry that i aint blogging these few days.
its because of 3reasons.

1. MIO VOICE broken down.
2. LAPTOP off to repair.
3. TIRING DAYS FOR F1, i want to slp can.

why am i blogging now then? because IM AT SCH
for dance -.-
oh wells i got to go tp everyday for dance.
tomo, 3-6 (i guess i leaving at 5 because of banquet)
wed 9-11?
thurs 3-6,
fri 9-12 -.-..... wth right. DARN.

anyway. f1.
HA. first day was okay for me. except for the leg pain -.-
oh, and one thing made me laugh like siao cha bor,
that is, i opened a door for someone, u know those
bar door? that will rebounce one,
LOLS i open alr forgot ppl inside, then hit his BUTT.

oh wait o.o i spilled smth on the floor and myself.
and it didnt spilled on anyone. HAHA.

2nd day wasn't a good day for me. RAWR.
shag like mad. ah, anth u can ask me. rawr.
i spilled smth too, but it wasn't really me,
it was the one who put it on my tray. AH.

and i feel really really bad, because i made asri
really angry >.< mei lian jian ta beh.

3rd day, hmm, quite smooth in some sense,
was helping out at the bar taking orders.
seriously, i made asri angry once again. LOL
mostly it is all because of miscommunication.
there's one angmoh. AH. nvm. LOLS.
anyway, i was kind of seh yesterday,
BUT i wasn't drunk in the sense that im high or
i cant see things clearly yeah?
THANKS MR JUSTICE for sending me back.

anyway, my legs still hurts like nobody business.
and yeap, wait till my electronic gadgets are repair
before i can blog once again :D:D

and i need a break too straighten out my thoughts. (:
im confused once again,
trying not to sink in but . . .

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