Tuesday, September 22, 2009

to me, almost everything is too good to be true.

perhaps some type of happiness
is smth to me
that its too good to be true...

i regret.
why am i not by her side.
why she did it -.-
damn, mireen wth are u doing.
she's SO silly........
DARN. i feel like slapping myself.
worse still............. UGH. forget it.

lols. pardon me, im having too much
negative emotions these few days.
why i wonder..
lack of concern frm friends? i don't know..

ok. i shall say something abt myself.
im a girl, who doesn't believe that someone
WILL like me until they confess.
why? you must be wondering right. (:
because, i dont wanna wish,
so i wouldn't get disappointed, or rather
think too highly of myself in some sense.

even if its from someone else's mouth,
i wouldn't believe.. (:
even if he treat me very good, i wouldn't believe.
who says that a friend can't treat u like a sister?
i don't like being 一厢情愿
furthermore, im kind of girl who is very sensitive,
i mean i know everyone doesn't want to
be hurt, but im one of the few who prevents
before getting hurt so that i wouldn't do stupid things.
so yah. lols.
that also happens for ppl who confess to be
before, because i don't believe, it might
be infatuation, just because im special in some ways.
AH I DON'T know la -.-
im nt a good girl. RAWR.
sorry if i hurt anyone indirectly.
i treat everyone as equal (:

sometimes, its stupid to think that
the person will msg you...
help you.. miss you..
okay -.- i shouldn't be thinking of that.
ROAR. contradiction.
i don't

crying for some stupid things is perhaps stupid but.
i also have my own weakness

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