Friday, October 30, 2009

i came sch 1 hr EARLY.

okay, this is the result of being too
stressed up all because of some teacher. -.-
what a bitch,
im only late for like 1minute...

and she said she wanted to kick my group out
BECAUSE im the leader.. -.- wth?
she didnt because she dont bare to because
2 of my other member came early.. -.-?!
and if im late the next time, she'll what?
kick my whole group out. like... wth.

so -.- i came sch today earlier by 1 hr. because i
didnt check my schedule -.- it was 10 but i arrived
at 9?! LOL. okay, i suddenly think of shinee's song..

dont be silly girl..
you're my miracle.
OMG. damn hao ting!
and also, i like the beat in ring ding dong.
haha. okay im a shinee fanatic. xD

this few days loads of stuff happened..
performance on tuesdayy..
yesterday was yanshou..
tiring. finally *PHEW.

will post up the videos soon,
really soon i promise!
i feel tired mans, i can actually slp 1 more hr.
im going to slp for 10 mins. :D
meanwhile, share with u..


Monday, October 26, 2009

wounds everywhere. ): happy and tiring dayy.

yooohh ppl, ugh my readers rate is dropping again.
can you do me a favour just by visiting my blog
like everyday >.< pretty please.lols

anyway. damn it, sprained my finger during
modern class on wednesday.
and it turn out to be swollen
worse still. it cost my 75 bucks. WHY

firstly on thurs i went to tampines polyclinic for ccheckup..
in e end -.- they ask me go a&e because
their x ray system is closed. damn~
den they told me its gonnna be damn ex.
-.- worse still right. zzz
anyway.. no fracture. no breakbone.
only gotten some painkiller. -.- which is like
PANADOL. damn.
den i cant bend my index finger right hand now. SHIAT.

swollen has decreased tremendously YAY good news.
but tuesday im having my performance! DAMN

and yesterday was a tiring day for me as well.
having injured and working at the same time.
today also.. but the painfulness DID go away slightly.
all the best to me on tuesday performance
and thursday yan shou baaaaa.

good ngihts ppl! SMILEE :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

god, shivers up my spine.

no lost to watch it mans,
u'll get loads of feelings.


just realised smth abt shinee's new video.

not definitely but maybe..
i noticed that they're kind of emphasising on
key and jonghyun for this album?
am i wrong.
but perhaps its because of the style
that's why. because clearly,
key and jonghyun is much more better for
this kind of bad boy style.
whereas minho, onew and taemin
is more for the good boy style. HAHAS.
so i predict tat

next song is gonna be good boy style.

prove me wrongg :D

and god, why are they doing global auditio at usa and canada -.-
i wanna go but its like uber far for me. hongkong still can lor -.-
mans. RAWRS.



the ferry i took :D

ferry terminal!

mireen was lazy to make up. so yeah

if im nt wrong this is
the place where they
keep the chickens, cos i can hear
they crowing.. lol

this nasi lemak was damn nice.
u shld try it! ROARS. (hotel's breakfast)

hotel swimming pool (:

the market..

the88 mall.

wet market.

-.- super unhygiene. lols.

anyway, sorry for this uber late post,
furthermore all the photos are jumbled up.
for more photos, please go to my facebook to see. :D
and mireen is so gonna skip public speaking lecture tomo.
just came back from dance, done with the song, YAY.
left with marcus and ta hai shi bu dong and
aja aja hwaiting!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

peipei's monday blue influenced me.

lols. kind of suay.
bus broke down halfway just nw -.-

and in the end,
got off the bus,
get bitten by few mosquito, den got
on to another 70M in like
next 10+mins later . lols.

oh wells, mireen is tired,
mireen loves shinee.
mireen is going to bed.
good night.

Monday, October 19, 2009



damn damn, so in love with them.
totally changed their image.
and yes jonghyun and key are the badboy
type im going to love as in the image.
HAHAHAHA. suppppppa handsome,
nice hairstyle! xD

and their styles for mv has been improved too.
key is suppa handsome. kind of leading me
towards him instead of onew! GOD.



can u see that jonghyun's hair is like double dye?!
his first appearance is super attractice and shocking in a good way.
which is much much better then his juliette style.
cos that style is simply ahbeng
(no offence kaes, i really love him beh)
for key is like, god mans, his bad boy image suits him like gawd.
i mean not that i like that bad boys, BUT
i like his style. xD i like good boys with bad boy style *smirks.

taemin.. hmm there's one hairstyle i dont really like.
but when he put his hair down. is god, handsome likeee!
minho, also put down hair nice,
cos i dont like guys who tie hair. ): or rather too long.
onew, not suitable for badboy la.
cos he's too kind to be one. xD that's why i love him so much.
LOL. but key is kind of pulling me to him.....
kaes, will update abt shinee again! xD

Saturday, October 17, 2009


yay! finally felt like its kind of holiday
de feeeeeuuull. yet, it isn't enough. LOL.

talking abt holiday, it doesnt feel like one.
its like dance school instead.
everyday dance like siao cha bor. -.-

had bbq with the juniors and alson and serene
just nw, :D it was funnnnn.
and i finally gotten my korean handbook.
kind of chim but interesting the same.

what did i ate?
2 satays.
1 burger(fake one LOL)
1 sausage and one CHICCCKKEEEN.

thanks alson and serene and alisha and loads
of ppl who cooked for us,
but im most satisfied with my own hotdog and chicccckkkeeen.
and it tasted fabulous. HOHOHOHO.

hope i dont get sore throats tomo.
and off to amazing race in 10hrs time! :D


oh and hectic schedule once again,
amazing race followed by model dance


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


just came back from modern dance.
woots, damn nice choreography by ryan today.
some more,he did it last MINUTE.

anyway, had fun at sentosa with asri and
the gangs which include audrey, amanda,
weisen, joshua, yi ming, jingying, jungyang
and eleanor dear! (:

i bet im nt going to get sunburn.
really sorry that i skipped reggae.
i need a break before sch starts -.-
seriously. lol. maybe im just giving an excusef
or myself but, yeah im tired.

will post up indonesia pictures soon,
in the meanwhile,u guys can take a look at facebook.
HAHA. i think i can be photographer alr.
see my display picture for blog?

more hectic schedules coming up the way!

just to show off shinee stuffs.
i miss them, cant wait for their next album!
will work hard towards them.

did i mentioned?
i dreamt abt them yesterday or today,
forgot alr. lols

dreamt abt them singing in a concert or smth,
but i was a server (see, result of working too much LOL)
as in serve drinks de. LOL.
and yeap when they finish -.- they came off stage
and damn, they were damn tall, but i guess
its nt real -.- LOL.

den there's one stupid guest who ordered PI PA GAO WITH WATER.
LOL ( result of sore throat. ROFLOL)
den they went off, i ask my colleague to make it
and i ran off to find them . LOLS.
then then, i ran to a lift.

and i saw they went to b4 or smth. -.-
there were loads of basemet floor though,
and i met some dbsk member or smth (couldn't remember)
LOL. and when i wanted to press b4,
ended up all the lift buttons start
to light up and im like ?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

and the lift was moving bloody uberly slow LOL.
and... i wanted to talk to dbsk member
guess what?

anyway, hilarious right?
here's the video of shinee!

Monday, October 12, 2009

yanshou round2!

hahas, finally done with another yanshou.
had some comments from
different teachers. and yeap,

focusing on my pitching problems.
can just someone tell me hw to improve -.-
so irritated by that.

hahahas, and god,
by2 is one of our judges..
wasn't really into them so yeah,
but when they show example,
seriously, i felt wow, they are quite good.
seriously. their vocals is. wooots!

hahahas hope to see jj next time. LOL
so that i can learn more stuffs. MYAHAHAHS.
anyway, hwaiting!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

natural disaster, a punishment from god?

having some thoughts abt
the recent disaster from different countries.

sometimes i wonder if its a punishment..
because we human destroy natural habitat,
kill the innocents.
do misdeeds......

but some of the people are innocent!
looking at the people who lost their loved ones,
is indeed a terrible scenes,
even i, shed tears just looking at the teevee.
may god bless them,
feel fortunate because u're living in singapore,
not suffering from the natural disasters....
and, treasure ur love ones before they leave you..

having flu, sorethroat and muscle aches.
am i getting sick soon? i wonderr...
shld i go for dance class tomo? -.-


back from indonesia. -.- wireless aint working.
damn, i just changed my modem LA.

anyway new goals, new target.
will strive hard.
(: never say give up!

had massage that gives

Monday, October 05, 2009

1 and a half hr left for slpppp....

finally can blog with pictures.
mireen is going off to indonesia
in 4 hrs time i guess.
bon voyage to me!

massage, shoppinggg.
and yeap,
once again. i've woken up from my dream.
shldn't have chose the wrong path,
now i realise my fault.
i don't need it.

and i had a fun time at ben's hse just nw :D
the cake was. FABULOUS.
didnt know that four leaves cake was that NICE.
shall buy it sometime soon,
OH YES, mum's birthday :D
and i saw someone who looked like -.-..
and omg, stupid khim saboed me -.-......

anyway,sorry samantha!
was late for meeting her,
and i spent 200 bucks on deposit
for some taiwan port folio thing
and i regretted it nw because,
i didnt even wonder if its fake or smth.

anyways, see u guys back on tues yeah!

recent photos upload.



SIEW MAIIII <3 href="">

looks weird somehow.

TCC's signature coffee. :D

Sunday, October 04, 2009

my onew's back :D

yay, laptop gotten back.
tiring day ONCE again.

went for dance early in the morning,
then went to musicforest.
ate lunch at 3pm -.-
then cabbed to orchard parade hotel for work.

ha, im a busy woman..
thanks a lot for the support from
the tagbox! appreciated it (: HAHAS.

i think i know what to do alr (:
im strong okayyy,
wont break down that easily de! ^^

hwaiting, mireen!

i have choosen my path,
will not regret.

Friday, October 02, 2009

today tears ran down my cheeks....

i guess today is my weakest point in
the point of my life...

2 priority,
which to choose?
both are important to me.

to become a singer i need to
go for verysinger lessons.....
and i also know, im nt putting
enough commitment. its difficult
for everyone of us to have same timing
for practice. if i could, i wouldn't have miss it.

to have friends in school
and score well in dance lesson
i have to go for
tpde dance practice....

to be frank, i dont click
with my classmates. that's why i need tpde.
to be at least my pillar of support
to have friends in school =/

both of them is like pulling myself

my senior told me that some of the
seniors aren't happy with my attendance.
i mean, i myself knows it.
what to do. break myself into 2 parts?
if i can i would.
i don't want to lose friends just because
of the commitment that i didn't put enough..

and i know that for gem i have to put in 100%
commitment, but now i wonder can i?
vocal lessons?
would it affect my studies?
i mean i WANT to perform.
but time is constricting me.

-.- i think i can write depressed songs.
stressful one isn't bad either.

too happening isn't good either.
my sweat is soaking my clothes now,
i can feel it.
sorry seniors. =/

thanks jingjing and shan,
martin and wilson laoshi!
oh and milo too,
i mean i was really depressed, seeing
some of the replies u gave me,
make me felt not tat lonely alr.
HA. sounds weird. omg.

alrights, im off to music forest to
teach dance steps.
after that that's work.



really having too much to cope with.

felt really bad towards seniors
because i cant attend some dance class
or i need to go off early.

i mean, if i could i wouldn't do it.
but it isn't an excuse for me to not perform well.

and yes, what ryan said
really enlightened me. it isn't abt techniques
and stuffs, its abt the attitude to carry.

now i wonder, where had my passion
for dance gone? i mean, i still love it,
if nt i wouldn't bother to dance.
but where's the burning one.

had dance today, and vetting.
im sorry that i forgotten my dance steps
in 2nd round, but it isn't i want to be like that.
-.- in fact i wanted to do well, but
maybe im stress? nervous? ugh,
not an excuse. i got to practice like hell yah mad.
i felt lonely......
time to brush up.

and, i've got both answers for both question.
guess that afterall,
either he's stupid enough to think that
im talking abt another guy.
but yeap.
i think i've got my answers.
in a sense, we both feel the same thing.
ha, perhaps fate is not coming to us
not fate but destiny.

song im doing for yanshou ROUND 2.

YIBIYI. (will i meet someone like that? haha~ guess not?)

find it.