Wednesday, October 14, 2009


just came back from modern dance.
woots, damn nice choreography by ryan today.
some more,he did it last MINUTE.

anyway, had fun at sentosa with asri and
the gangs which include audrey, amanda,
weisen, joshua, yi ming, jingying, jungyang
and eleanor dear! (:

i bet im nt going to get sunburn.
really sorry that i skipped reggae.
i need a break before sch starts -.-
seriously. lol. maybe im just giving an excusef
or myself but, yeah im tired.

will post up indonesia pictures soon,
in the meanwhile,u guys can take a look at facebook.
HAHA. i think i can be photographer alr.
see my display picture for blog?

more hectic schedules coming up the way!

just to show off shinee stuffs.
i miss them, cant wait for their next album!
will work hard towards them.

did i mentioned?
i dreamt abt them yesterday or today,
forgot alr. lols

dreamt abt them singing in a concert or smth,
but i was a server (see, result of working too much LOL)
as in serve drinks de. LOL.
and yeap when they finish -.- they came off stage
and damn, they were damn tall, but i guess
its nt real -.- LOL.

den there's one stupid guest who ordered PI PA GAO WITH WATER.
LOL ( result of sore throat. ROFLOL)
den they went off, i ask my colleague to make it
and i ran off to find them . LOLS.
then then, i ran to a lift.

and i saw they went to b4 or smth. -.-
there were loads of basemet floor though,
and i met some dbsk member or smth (couldn't remember)
LOL. and when i wanted to press b4,
ended up all the lift buttons start
to light up and im like ?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

and the lift was moving bloody uberly slow LOL.
and... i wanted to talk to dbsk member
guess what?

anyway, hilarious right?
here's the video of shinee!

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