Friday, October 30, 2009

i came sch 1 hr EARLY.

okay, this is the result of being too
stressed up all because of some teacher. -.-
what a bitch,
im only late for like 1minute...

and she said she wanted to kick my group out
BECAUSE im the leader.. -.- wth?
she didnt because she dont bare to because
2 of my other member came early.. -.-?!
and if im late the next time, she'll what?
kick my whole group out. like... wth.

so -.- i came sch today earlier by 1 hr. because i
didnt check my schedule -.- it was 10 but i arrived
at 9?! LOL. okay, i suddenly think of shinee's song..

dont be silly girl..
you're my miracle.
OMG. damn hao ting!
and also, i like the beat in ring ding dong.
haha. okay im a shinee fanatic. xD

this few days loads of stuff happened..
performance on tuesdayy..
yesterday was yanshou..
tiring. finally *PHEW.

will post up the videos soon,
really soon i promise!
i feel tired mans, i can actually slp 1 more hr.
im going to slp for 10 mins. :D
meanwhile, share with u..


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