Wednesday, October 21, 2009


the ferry i took :D

ferry terminal!

mireen was lazy to make up. so yeah

if im nt wrong this is
the place where they
keep the chickens, cos i can hear
they crowing.. lol

this nasi lemak was damn nice.
u shld try it! ROARS. (hotel's breakfast)

hotel swimming pool (:

the market..

the88 mall.

wet market.

-.- super unhygiene. lols.

anyway, sorry for this uber late post,
furthermore all the photos are jumbled up.
for more photos, please go to my facebook to see. :D
and mireen is so gonna skip public speaking lecture tomo.
just came back from dance, done with the song, YAY.
left with marcus and ta hai shi bu dong and
aja aja hwaiting!

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