Friday, October 02, 2009


really having too much to cope with.

felt really bad towards seniors
because i cant attend some dance class
or i need to go off early.

i mean, if i could i wouldn't do it.
but it isn't an excuse for me to not perform well.

and yes, what ryan said
really enlightened me. it isn't abt techniques
and stuffs, its abt the attitude to carry.

now i wonder, where had my passion
for dance gone? i mean, i still love it,
if nt i wouldn't bother to dance.
but where's the burning one.

had dance today, and vetting.
im sorry that i forgotten my dance steps
in 2nd round, but it isn't i want to be like that.
-.- in fact i wanted to do well, but
maybe im stress? nervous? ugh,
not an excuse. i got to practice like hell yah mad.
i felt lonely......
time to brush up.

and, i've got both answers for both question.
guess that afterall,
either he's stupid enough to think that
im talking abt another guy.
but yeap.
i think i've got my answers.
in a sense, we both feel the same thing.
ha, perhaps fate is not coming to us
not fate but destiny.

song im doing for yanshou ROUND 2.

YIBIYI. (will i meet someone like that? haha~ guess not?)

find it.

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