Friday, October 02, 2009

today tears ran down my cheeks....

i guess today is my weakest point in
the point of my life...

2 priority,
which to choose?
both are important to me.

to become a singer i need to
go for verysinger lessons.....
and i also know, im nt putting
enough commitment. its difficult
for everyone of us to have same timing
for practice. if i could, i wouldn't have miss it.

to have friends in school
and score well in dance lesson
i have to go for
tpde dance practice....

to be frank, i dont click
with my classmates. that's why i need tpde.
to be at least my pillar of support
to have friends in school =/

both of them is like pulling myself

my senior told me that some of the
seniors aren't happy with my attendance.
i mean, i myself knows it.
what to do. break myself into 2 parts?
if i can i would.
i don't want to lose friends just because
of the commitment that i didn't put enough..

and i know that for gem i have to put in 100%
commitment, but now i wonder can i?
vocal lessons?
would it affect my studies?
i mean i WANT to perform.
but time is constricting me.

-.- i think i can write depressed songs.
stressful one isn't bad either.

too happening isn't good either.
my sweat is soaking my clothes now,
i can feel it.
sorry seniors. =/

thanks jingjing and shan,
martin and wilson laoshi!
oh and milo too,
i mean i was really depressed, seeing
some of the replies u gave me,
make me felt not tat lonely alr.
HA. sounds weird. omg.

alrights, im off to music forest to
teach dance steps.
after that that's work.


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