Monday, October 26, 2009

wounds everywhere. ): happy and tiring dayy.

yooohh ppl, ugh my readers rate is dropping again.
can you do me a favour just by visiting my blog
like everyday >.< pretty please.lols

anyway. damn it, sprained my finger during
modern class on wednesday.
and it turn out to be swollen
worse still. it cost my 75 bucks. WHY

firstly on thurs i went to tampines polyclinic for ccheckup..
in e end -.- they ask me go a&e because
their x ray system is closed. damn~
den they told me its gonnna be damn ex.
-.- worse still right. zzz
anyway.. no fracture. no breakbone.
only gotten some painkiller. -.- which is like
PANADOL. damn.
den i cant bend my index finger right hand now. SHIAT.

swollen has decreased tremendously YAY good news.
but tuesday im having my performance! DAMN

and yesterday was a tiring day for me as well.
having injured and working at the same time.
today also.. but the painfulness DID go away slightly.
all the best to me on tuesday performance
and thursday yan shou baaaaa.

good ngihts ppl! SMILEE :D

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