Monday, November 23, 2009

the day we'll see less of each other.

hey people,
im currently at tunglok classic
at orchard parade hotel's office nowww.

and i admit, kind of seh now.
-.- because i drank a bit of johnny walker.
lol O.o ah,
my boss's last day of work (:
-.- ok. im seh, but nt drunk.
just feeling sleepy
perhaps its because of my level of tiredness
as well -.- try working from sat 6-1, and then sunday
11-1... i daresay. you'll definitely be tired.

and i only slpt for bloody 4 hrs. ROAR.

furthermore, i was called out of banquet hall because
of the reserve table not being used.
OH. let me say smth.

saw his wedding today! :D
LOLS. i saw.. huan jie laoshi, yaden, gary laoshi,
wencong laoshi, peichang laoshi, huan liang laoshi and
michael laoshi and jian feng laoshi and the recording studio
laoshi, forgive me im kind of seh now. LOLS.

oh wells, really glad to at least see him get married. HAHA.
anyway, was called to the kitchen to do some stuff.
and one of them include the bloody chopstick.
u've got to put them into some cover.
which IS bloody boring.
furthermore no one is helping me.
and kind of frustated over something.

alrights, i gotta go to help someone

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