Friday, November 06, 2009

HAEUNDAE, the deadly tsunami....

i can say its a very touching storyy..
but kind of moved too fast, as in the story line..
haha. because im too absorbed in it! rate it 8/10!
and i can say im one of the few
who's the last one to watch it~!
and i watch with my new boyfriendddddddd.
mr felix a.k.a mr pig i bet when he see this
he'll be laughinggg
no la okay, smiling. shuang right.

alrights i shall post the synopsis here.
A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast,
Haeundae draws one million visitors to its beaches
every year. One day, a geologist who is an expert
on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea showing
signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at
the time of the 2004 Tsunami. Despite his warnings,
the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is
in no harm of being hit but on a hot summer day, a
super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae
at 500 miles per hour.


this movie taught me a lot of stuffs

1. people don't like to face troubles,
they rather avoid it. like what the Disaster
Prevention Agency does.
its like the moral teachings :
if u can, avoid the problem.
BUT it doesn't goes with ALL problems.
for example, the tsunami.
because u dont wan to face the problem,
u caused millions of deaths.
i bet he'll be guilty for life.
unless he's a cold-blooded person.
its like global warming also. isn't it?
people are saying singapore will sink,
not sink but flooded and covered by water in 50 years
time. and now, what government is doing?
we do not exactly know. but i do hope that they're doing
their very best to save the world.
haha, im leaving the topic alr, alrights. back to haeundae!
but still, be more conscious in saving the world!

2. treasure ur love ones before they leave you.
you'll never know when's the end of the world.
so dont ever regret doing things that you will.
i will definitely treat my mum better from now on okay.
its a promise and

3. apologise and be guilty-free
perhaps, u did something wrong before.
but no one is always right. its only the weight of the
problem. between killing an ant and a person..
its equally BAD. but people will always think.
human are much more important.
okok. im leaving the real meaning.
its like snatching a paper and a jewellery.
so, its always good to apologise and
receive what u shld get for punishment.
it always give a greater sense of security towards urself.
because, u know u did wrong and u're trying to change.

4. forgive and forget.
perhaps. ur fren is in a bad mood today.
and she scolded u.
but have u thought before that she might be gone
tomorrow? *CHOI TOUCH WOOD AH*
perhaps she knows she's wrong.
she's just embarassed to let u know.
or even, she apologised to u and u refused
to accept. are u going to wait till shes gone and then u'll accept?
perhaps she's in a moment of folly when she
did that to u. so just be kind hearted and thoughtful
to forgive. just think.
what if one day u're the one who did the same thing as her

5. find out the truth before u fall into it.
there's one girl character who haf a friend who's a bastard.
i guess he like her la, if nt he wouldn't try to snatch her
and say he's her future husband? but, nah, perhaps not
he might be just finding trouble for her.
poor lifeguard. they are the ones in love.
i mean lifeguard and the girl huh.
but its kind of weird la -.-
because. they got tgt in a weird way.
and in the end the lifeguard died ):
just to save her and the bastard.

oh wells, u bet i cried damn loads.
now thinking of it,
i still feel like crying.

i'll update soon abt TPDE stuffs and of course.
confession :D:D:D
and perhaps my hubby :D

and poor onew is sick ):

and jonghyun just recovered.
may god bless onew recover NOW.
yes NOW.

-.- i bet i need to take injection alr.
dad nagg every day =/
but i really hate it -.-
somemore i also need to take injection for next year
ssm module.
UGH. painful neh. !
becoming batman.....

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