Tuesday, November 24, 2009

im in tutorial now. *smirks

HAHA, im actually using lappy in my class. ;x
anyway woohoo, my reader rate
finally reach 10,000.

yippee :D

okay. hectic schedule todayyy~
after sch end at 6,
going ob self training for dance,
then lesson with chun.

i swear i'll diet in order to allow me to go
korea to MUM MUM~

and damn it, i wonder if there's season 2 for
you're beautiful...
-.- left with 4 episode.
and there;s still loads of parts and pieces they haven
state properly and also.
i wantt to see the real GO MI NAM.
its like she acted it quite cool~ so yeah.
i want to act in some drama like that too.

working hard for pitchinggg ~

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