Friday, November 20, 2009

onew oppa, hope you recovered!

"[Host] Is there anyone who would like to compliment Onew?
[Members] . . .
[Onew] If there isn't anyone, I'll compliment myself. I'm doing well as a leader."


"[Question] The dish that your most confident in...
[Onew] Scambled Egg
[Jonghyun] Oh. I never heard of that."


"Onew always walks coolly in front of many people but in the end he trips."


hahas. he's so bubbly kwiyo!(cute)
and i agree that people should compliment themselves
to allow them to look forward
and work harder like ME. :D
and i think onew is kind of like me. LOL.
will always hmm, kind of clumsy >.<
i got onew sangtae!(condition)

oh, and btw i watched some of the ep 13.
hohoho, im damn pleased with shinwoo now.
shinwoo oppa aja aja hwaiting!
and as what i have guessed, it is damn right.
the reporter found out with the bloody photo.
HAHAHAHA mireen can be private investigator.

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