Monday, November 02, 2009

ROAR. im agitated.

i dont understand why
but im currently on a bad mood.
pms? definitely not. lols.

yeap. perhaps its because i dont wanna
sink in, or perhaps i should state it in this way
i dont know if i should believe someone
once again, kind of enlightened.
but doesnt mean one bad egg equal all bad egg right?

im confused. ):

also, the bloody cgh (i didnt write their whole name,
so they cant sue me!)
i called them to ask what's gonna happen to my finger
now because the doctor told me it would
recover in couple of days.
and now, its like a week plus and i cant totally bend
my finger YET.
and in fact, it still hurts, just not that painful.
and guess what, the nurse or doctor ask me
to go down again. and i asked if i need to pay
AND SHE SAID YES. like wth?
u told me it would recover in couple of days.
and now because of ur error i haf to pay?
wth is this. if its my personal injury okay la,
i pay! but its nt caused by me, but by someone else!

ROAR i feel maligned. damn.
okay, im pissed off now.
okay, okay.
im not going to be in a relationship without a formal
confession. DAMN.
whoever wants to go after me.
i admit im kind of mad now
(due to the hormones going inside my brain)

AHHHHHHHHHH. relax woman.

just to share with u guys.
LOUVRE in paris, france.
damn nice right.
its an art museum.
source :

and my keyyy, who will open all doors for me. YES.

feel like cutting same fringe as him, looks cooool!
okay, feel better after ranting.

coming up with how girls can mesmerise a guy
or maybe confession part 3 ! HAHA.

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